Sunday 7th April
Ready !  Got everything sorted for tomorrow. Clothes in car for a quick change after Dame Stella as I am straight off to Kingsbury WI’s 75th Birthday Celebration Evening after finishing off at Wroxall Abbey! I just love racing up and down the M40 and M42 ( actually I think that should be crawling like a snail not racing!)

Friday 5th April
More paperwork!
Just double checking all arrangements for Stella Rimington on Monday are in place. Jeryl Stone is picking her up from Coventry station… Julia Baker is sorting the flowers for the tables….. Trustees are donating and bringing raffle prizes … Trustees are coming early to make sure all is set up! Should be a good day.

Meanwhile I am starting double checking the paperwork for Tuesday’s Board meeting. OOOOOO ! It’s the meeting before Easter. Where did I put that Easter Bonnett????

Wednesday 3rd April
Congratulations to Hampton Lucy and Charlecote WI
Well.. it was the Centenary Celebration at Hampton Lucy and Charlecote tonight! What fun! You could dress up as any decade you liked so Jeryl stone and I went as schoolgirls! At least the tennis racquets were authentic which is more than I can say for our freckles! A great time was had by all present!

Tuesday 2nd April
More money!
Great Office and Finance Meeting today. The half yearly budget is more or less on track! Brilliant. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to our members how much it actually costs to run the Federation – we have to pay salaries and pensions for our staff, pay our rates and electricity/ utility bills and maintain the building just like any other organisation. It’s a good job Sue Myhill, our lovely Treasurer is here to keep us all on track !