Wednesday 28th August
Starting to get organised
The next Board meeting is coming up soon and we have an O&F (Office and Finance) meeting next week so I have started on the paperwork…… and I made some of Delia Smith’s Olde Doverhouse Chutney with some of those plums. It’s like Christmas in a jar!

Monday 26th August
Plums, Plums and yet more plums.
Been busy picking the lovely Warwickshire Drooper Plums today. They are my total favourite! Made some jam and did some work on the AFM plans today!

Thurs 22nd August
Just had email confirmation that the Charity Commission have received the Federation’s Application to become a CIO! Fingers and toes crossed for a successful outcome!

Tuesday 20th August
What a team!
Great meeting today with the Digital Strategy Team…… just under two years ago we all sat round a table at Federation House wondering if we would ever be able to communicate with all our WIs by email and if the Board and Sub- committee meetings would ever be anywhere near paper free! Today we were reviewing the number of WIs who want to get onto Instagram- all 32 of them!! Brilliant
We all know there is more to be done but we are all so proud of how far the Federation has moved in digital terms! We finished off with a great celebratory lunch at the Hatton Arms.

Mon 19th Aug
Preparation for the Digital strategy Team Meeting
Just checked that I had the feedback from our Digital Committee Workshop evening all sorted and that I am all prepared for the meeting tomorrow. Then I made Sweet Marrow Pickle – just for some light relief!

Sun 18th August
One last read through
Today I read all the CIO application paperwork for the last time to check it and then posted everything of to the Legal People. Fingers crossed!

Fri 16th August
Blooming Marvellous Afternoon!
So glad we changed the venue – its absolutely chucked it down all afternoon. The ladies all came and we had a great time, making £456 for the Love Denman Appeal.




Thurs 15th August
AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Awful Weather Forecast
Every year I have a little Tea Party for my Link WIs in my garden and we raise a few pennies for Denman. I have made all the cakes and sorted the raffle as well as weeding for England and now………the weather forecast for tomorrow is downright awful and so I have booked Newton Regis Village Hall instead.




Tues 13th August
No chance of being bored at one of our Board Meetings!
Great to see all of the Trustees today and we certainly whizzed through some business! Everyone signed their Trustee declaration form for the Charity Commission- one of the last (I hope) hurdles for the CIO application. Plans are nearly all sorted for the AFM next March and we have lots of plans and events coming up for all you Warwickshire Federation members to enjoy!

Mon 12th August
Check that paperwork
Just made sure I have all the documents for the Board meeting tomorrow and that all the Sub-Committees have submitted their reports and plans for the future.

Sat 10th August Paperwork!
Spent a couple of hours today planning the answers to a few last questions about the CIO application. The Charity Commission wants everything done just so – quite rightly!
Think we are nearly there now………

Thursday 8th August
Super Centenary
What a pleasure it was to attend the Centenary Garden party to celebrate the Centenary of Newbold Pacey and Ashorne WI this afternoon. It was lovely to see National Chair Lynne Stubbings as well as Trustees Julia and Sue. The weather was very kind, the tea was excellent and the cake was absolutely brilliantly iced by one of the members. All in all a fantastc afternoon!

Tuesday 6th August
M&P and a Marvellous Lunch Date!
Great meeting with the Advisers who make up our Membership and Promotions Committee today. Lots of plans for the future including support for WIs who have asked for an Adviser to attend their Annual meetings later in the year.
Then off I went to Henley in Arden WI- the ladies had kindly invited me to their Summer Lunch which was a splendid occasion. Super meal, great company and a very , very interesting speaker- the Town Crier from the City of Lichfield- who was great fun and highly entertaining

Monday 5th August
Almost ready for Board of Trustees ….
Just spent the morning checking that I have sent in all the relevant reports for the Board next week. Really looking forward to reviewing Winchester and the Digital Committee Evening!

Saturday 3rd August
Winchester feedback
Just collating the feedback we have received from individuals and from WIs. Overwhelmingly positive. It is really great when members take the trouble to let us know when things have gone well. People keep asking where we might be going next year! Have to think about that one.

Thursday 1st August
CIO headache
Yet another set of questions to be considered and responded to before our application goes off to the Charity Commission. I have emailed Melissa Green the General Secretary at NFWI about a couple of the questions so hope she will be able to help us out!

Tuesday 30th July
Officers meeting
Every now and again the Office and Finance Group meet to discuss finances and other plans for the Federation. We discuss ideas and costs so that some of the legwork has been done before we get to the Board Meeting. Items up for discussion included Presidents Day, the new Business Disaster Plan and that hotel in Bournemouth (who still haven’t responded to our complaints)

Monday 29th July
An Absolutely Grand Day Out!
The sun shone all day ……. Had a fab time in Winchester, over 700 of us descended upon them and everyone, everywhere was incredibly welcoming. It was lovely to have the opportunity to meet so many of our members and to be able to stop and chat in the sunshine. Well done and thank you to Johnson’s Coaches for all their hard work on the day. Brilliant.

Sunday 28th July
OMG…… what if it rains like this tomorrow??????
Torrential rain all day. I know the forecast says tomorrow will be ok but I can’t help worrying. Found my mac and umbrella just to be on the safe side!

Saturday 27th July
Look out Winchester!
Fielding lots of phone calls and queries about the Grand Day Out on Monday. Double checked everything is ok with the Coach leaders. Triple checked everything is ok with Wendy from Johnsons Coaches. Weather forecast looks Ok too so we are good to go!

Thursday 25th July
I wasn’t able to go but the Papercutting Workshop went really well today…… many thanks to the Creative Activities Team for organising such an inspirational day.

Tuesday 23rd July
Waiting for the Massive Thunderstorm!!
I have never been so hot! What a day. I nearly slept in the car with the air conditioning on!
The Digital Committee Evening was a success. The Wi s who had worked so hard on their presentations really did well. There were lots of ideas flying around and a real buzz about possible ways of working for the future! Thanks to the Digital strategy Committee who set the evening up and the Board of Trustees for all their help and support on the night. Brilliant!

Monday 22nd July
Digital Committee Workshop
Great , all the WIs who are presenting have sent me their presentations for tomorrow night. It’s great to have support from across the County- many thanks to members of Kenilworth, Hatton Park, Studley Priory, Treacle Tarts, Whitestone Owls and Wishaw WIs for all their help and support. I have been doing research on then use of the Internet and found some really interesting data

Saturday 20th July
Getting ready for Tuesday!
Tuesday is the Digital Committee Workshop evening at Leamington Baptist Church. We invited WIs to send up to six members of their Committee to the evening and we have a number of WIs who will share what they do with the audience. I spent the day emailing back and forth, collating presentations and generally getting organised!

Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th July
Instagram Masterclass!
Off to Denman I went! 24 hours to learn everything I could about using Instagram as a Social media and promotional tool. The class was very good and I am now a fully fledged Instagrammer ! You can find me on Instagram as askabusywoman Seems about right to me!

Tuesday 16th July
What a day!
First of all we had a Leisure Activities meeting where we learned how well the Treasure Hunt and other activities had gone. We went through the organisation for lots of Autumn events, all of which seem to be very well supported by members. The Dragon Boat racing is choc a bloc full! This was followed by Creative Activities where we sorted all the planning for a huge range of events including the Ros Trophy and Taiko drumming!
In between we all stuffed the 750 Goody Bags for Winchester with maps and leaflets ready for the Grand Day Out!
In the evening we had a rehearsal for the Digital Committee Evening on 23rd July. It was great to see the enthusiasm from the WI members who are taking part!

Monday 15th July
Winchester Pre-visit
Up early today to pick up my Dad as I was heading for Winchester and I thought he would like a day out! The sun shone, the traffic was good and we arrived in plenty of time to meet up with Wendy from Johnsons and the Tourist Board staff. We checked out the arrival and departure points, toilets, shops etc as well as double checking all the arrangements for the day! All good. Dad and I then treated ourselves to lunch in a pub by the river. Good food and sitting in the sunshine. What’s not to like!

Sunday 14th July
Spent the morning checking the minutes from the last Board meeting and made quite a long list of things which I need to do! Sarah writes very good minutes and I am very grateful for her expertise.

Friday 12th July
A very sad day.
The Trustees and I attended the funeral of Steve Hunt today. We stood shoulder to shoulder with Yvette and share in her sadness.

Wednesday 10th July
Budbrooke WI
I had the pleasure of going to the Open Meeting held at Budbrooke tonight and was made extremely welcome. The speaker from Arden Falconry was very good and we all got to hold a bird of prey if we wanted to. Brilliant!

Tuesday 9th July
Great Meeting
Heather has managed to deliver all the poppies to the Memorial Arboretum for the British Legion to use. What a result! Fantastic to know they will be put to such good use.
We got through the Board meeting in record time today! All done by 2.30! and we have sorted out the majority of things for the AFM on March 30th 2020…….

Monday 8th July
Ready for the Board meeting!
I swear I can still smell the blackcurrant jam boiling! Picked loads yesterday and made sixteen pounds of jam! Checked all the paperwork and stuff ready for the Board meeting tomorrow. I just like to be sure I have got everything and got it all in the right order!

Saturday 6th July
Spent quite a while checking all the paperwork for Winchester. We have over 700 ladies going so it’s almost as big as the Lincoln Trip last year but without all the organisation for the Cathedral and so on. I am looking forward to a grand day out!

Thursday 4th July
Ready for the Board Meeting?
Think so! Got the agenda and reports all sorted. Sarah in the Office has loaded all the paperwork for the meeting onto the secure Trustee area of the website, so we are good to go!
Went to my own WI at Newton Regis tonight. Great idea for the Show in September. One of the classes is make a green heart ready for February! AND they gave us a kit to start us off! Winner! We are going to use all the hearts to decorate our phone box to raise awareness of the campaign. Great idea!

Wednesday 3rd July
Here I CIO again!
Had a really good discussion with the Solicitors today who are handling our CIO application. I think we are about ready! Whew!

Tuesday 2nd July
Public Affairs gets organising!
Lots of organisation for the Water Day on October 9th and the ladies have lots of other ideas in the pipeline to make sure all of us Warwickshire WI members are up to date with the current campaigns.

Monday 1st July
Back and up and running!
Well. It’s a wonder I didn’t go rusty the first week in Scotland. Rain! It didn’t stop! West Coast and eight degrees for three days……… it was 32 on the way home on Saturday which I reckon is four times as hot. Second week on East coast watching the dolphins was fantastic ( and much warmer!)
So to today. Busy morning catching up on emails, then a meeting with Sue, our lovely Federation Treasurer to fill in yet more forms for the CIO process. Then off to Dunchurch Park Hotel to meet the Trustees for a Big Birthday Bash for Heather and Julia. We had a good look at the venue for Paul Martin, walked round the grounds and then settled down for a sumptuous Afternoon tea to celebrate two Big Birthdays! Lovely!