A poem from Jane Waters of Kineton WI … (thank you Jane)


We’re all now in self isolation
And facing life strangely alone.
It’s rather like reaching the station
To find that the last train has gone !

But are we down-hearted and dismal ?
Of course not ; we’re British you know !
And though life is so far from normal
We’ve new plans just ready to go.

We’re setting to work in the garden
And singing with Gareth Malone
And lest this regime seems too Spartan
We’re chatting to friends on the phone.

We’re sad that our Church is now closing
At Easter we’ll miss it so much
But mice and the bats are rejoicing…
No cleaners disturbing their lunch !

We’re texting; whatsapping; emailing;
We haven’t a moment to spare
Our brain cells are quite close to failing;
We need time to stand still and stare !

Thank goodness for all our health workers
And neighbours so helpful and kind…
For farm shops and postmen and others
Who keep us from losing our mind !

The nation will have a big party
To celebrate meeting again
And greetings so loud and so hearty
Will echo in roaring refrain

If all this extra time at home has led you to put pen to paper then we would love to hear from you