Zooming Marvellous or, WI to your door.
So, what comes direct to your home nowadays – food deliveries, letters, parcels from that well known on line shopping warehouse and now, your WI.
The last few weeks have seen WFWI offering an eclectic variety of Zoom talks – who even knew about Zoom a few months ago?

We’ve been regaled by Louise from Silver Sentiments with the delights and disasters of distant travel to India and further east to buy semi-precious gemstones. Who’d have thought that down a very dodgy looking alley in the pink city of Jaipur would be a treasure trove of gleaming gemstones in a shop not much bigger than a wardrobe? We learnt too that coral is being grown on copper piping with gentle electric currents pulsing through it, apparently baby corals just love that, so great news for the oceans.

From our own member Terry Barker, a retired BBC script editor, we were told of the many jobs which go towards making programmes appear as if by magic on our screens. Terry has already been asked to give her talk to another Federation.
Terry told us that the actors may have to carry several scripts in their heads as different programmes or scenes may be filmed on the same day, that probably involves different clothing, furniture, vehicles etc. so the continuity people have to be on the ball to spot anomalies.

Another talented member, Julia Mitchell, who is a qualified tai chi instructor led us through some beautifully calming and gentle Tai Chi routines which aided relaxation, balance and necessitated total focus on the now rather than wondering what to have for the next meal.

Watch out for more subjects in th ‘What’s On’ section of our website. It’s very easy to register, you just need the Zoom App on your computer, tablet or phone. Find out which talk you’d like to ‘attend’ and register with Sarah at the office via the website or phone up with your payment and email address so that the Zoom link can be sent to you. They only cost £5!.
Just think, WI to your own screen, no fuel costs, no travelling, no traffic. Maybe this will become another permanent facet of our much loved organisation.
Who knows which of your friends who you haven’t seen for months might pop up on screen?

Future Zoom events…
Mon 13th July 2pm – 3pm – Wills, the role of the Executor and Probate with Wright Hassall Solicitors
Sat 18th July 10.30am – 11.30am – Skin Wellbeing with Julia Mitchell
Mon 20th July 2pm – 3pm – Power of Attorney
Mon 27th July 7pm – 8pm – Cathy Morris Vintage Singer
Mon 3rd Aug 7pm -8pm – a fun talk from John Johnson of Johnsons Coaches
And we have lots more in the pipeline !