WFWI 2020 Annual Meeting
Held on Zoom
Tuesday 15th December
7.30pm – 8.30pm

Anne Bufton-McCoy welcomed members to the 102nd Annual Federation Meeting.

She advised that the chat screen should be used in order to record any objections/ votes against the ratification. To do this a delegate should type her name into the chat screen
(This method should also be used to ask questions)

The meeting sang Jerusalem led by Gwyneth Roe of Bulkington WI.
Thanks given to Gwyneth by Anne.
Apologies – Aston Cantlow, Curdworth, Bidford on Avon, Stratford Lite, Ladbrooke & Deppers Bridge, Shipston on Stour WIs.

Vice Chair Julia Baker welcomed Lynne Stubbings, NFWI Chair, who then officially opened the meeting.

Lynne spoke about 2020 being a difficult year for every level of the WI. The closure of Denman was a particularly sad decision but so far approximately 40,000 attendees from UK and abroad have taken part in Denman at Home courses.  The WI strives to remain relevant to all woman and the Count Me In (Oct WI Life) survey will help with achieve this. When meetings can start, again it may well take a while for members to feel confident to return. New members will be made welcome as many women look for companionship and sense of belonging. Many members made scrubs and PPE, helped in the local community and continued to stay in touch with members.  The Bedworth Belles is a brand new WI in Warwickshire which is a great achievement given the circumstances.  She gave congratulations to the Warwickshire Trustees who have kept members going and Anne was complimented for ‘playing a blinder’. Thanks were also given to Treasurer, Sue Myhill for dealing with all the required cancellations and refunds. Thanks were given to Office staff Kathy and Sarah for all their hard work.
Lynne ended her welcome by praising WI members as resourceful and inspiring women.

She welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Vice Chair Sue Ensor gave thanks to Lynne. 

Anne thanked everyone for attending this special meeting – which will be nothing like our normal celebratory gathering, postponed in March due to Covid 19.  She noted that although digital agreement had been given already on the key business items earlier in the year, the purpose of this meeting is to officially ratify those decisions and record them formally. 

Christine Dyer introduced the Report of the 2019 Annual Meeting, which was circulated to all WIs in January 2020 and approved digitally by email.

Proposer                   Jeannette Guslov, Mancetter WI
Seconder                   Linda Knight, Austrey WI

Anyone against? No

Chair Anne Bufton-McCoy was then asked to sign the 2019 minutes.

Heather Howell proposed the adoption of the Standing Orders for this meeting.
Seconder     Margaret Pilkington, Studley Daytime WI

Anyone against? No

Federation Treasurer, Sue Myhill, presented the accounts for the year ending 31st August 2019 and gave a brief report.

The small deficit reported in Mar 2019 of £4,000 were recouped and the membership remained stable.
These finances pay to run the organisation and to develop people to ensure smooth succession.
She encouraged interest in the Federation accounts and sincerely thanked WI Treasurers for all their hard work and encouraged delegates to go back to their WIs and treasure their Treasurer.

Veronica Chapman proposed the adoption of the financial statement.
Seconder  Helen Greenley, Hatton Park WI
Anyone against? No

The accounts for the year ended 31st August 2019 were duly declared adopted.

Yvette Hunt proposed the appointment of the Federation Accountants, Messrs Baldwin’s, for the coming year.
Seconder Julie Thomas, Warwick Gates WI

Anyone against? No

Baldwin’s were adopted as Federation Accountants for the year ending 31st August 2021.

Sue Myhill, Federation Treasurer to spoke briefly on the current financial situation of the Federation.

The Federation has continued to function albeit mainly virtually.  The only guaranteed income are the subscription and these cover approximately 40% of the Federation running costs. The rest is usually made up from the funds raised from trips, events and workshops. The reserves have been delved into to enable the Federation to come through the year. These reserves should be replenished and so a 5 year plan will be developed to do this. The WIs were praised, for using their initiative to keep their WI going and raise funds. The WI is stronger than Covid 19!

Ruth McCartney thanked Sue

Chairs Report,

“Ladies – it is a great honour and privilege to be here as your Federation Chair this evening.  It is great to see so many members of the Warwickshire WI Family here on Zoom tonight!

It has been a strange old year and I am trying hard to remember that this is the speech I should have made in March, referring to the previous year!

Sometimes I think that Covid has taken us all over and we struggle to remember what the world was like before masks, testing and tiers! 

In March, I would have reported on a super year where we all headed off to Winchester for the day in the sunshine and enjoyed brilliant events, meeting superstars like Dame Stella Rimington and Paul Martin. Where our biggest worries were whether to go Dragon Boat Racing, Taiko Drumming or Clog Dancing. The very idea of meeting on-line was like a distant dream and ZOOM was an ice-lolly!

So here, we are In December and as the world has changed, the Federation has adapted and continued to work hard for our membership.

I am so lucky to be supported by this wonderful team of Federation Trustees- who work very hard for us all.  In turn, the Trustees are supported by the Sub-committees who devise and plan lots of events for us all to enjoy.  We are all very well supported by Sarah, our Federation Administrator and Kathy her assistant.  What a brilliant team!

As Chair, you get to meet the most amazing people and I would like to pay tribute to three special ladies who have worked tirelessly for the Federation over the years.  I was very sad when three experienced and valued Trustees stepped down from the Board in March. Jeryl Stone, Gillian Crisp and Margaret Pilkington all worked tirelessly for the Board and the Federation. I would like to record our most grateful thanks for all their efforts. It really was a pleasure to work with you, ladies and I would have liked very much to have presented you with flowers at Dallas Burston- but alas, it wasn’t to be!

I would also like to congratulate the four WIs who reached their centenaries in 2019-to early 2020. They are:

Hampton Lucy and Charlecote
Newbold Pacey and Ashorne

It was lovely to be able to join in the variety of Centenary Celebrations with their members. 

Therefore, as we move towards the end of 2020 I know that we all have special WI memories and moments to keep us going!  Afterzoom tea parties, socially distanced walks, videos, goody bags, chatting with the Chair, telephone calls, letters and waving from the end of the drive- whatever we have done to keep in touch with our friends and fellow members  I just know that it has been done with the true spirit of friendship which epitomises the wonderful world of the WI.  

When Covid 19 finally becomes a distant dream then we will all still be here – doing our bit for fun and friendship and the WI!”

Sue Gill gave thanks to Anne

Sue Myhill, Federation Treasurer spoke briefly about the introduction of Gift Aid across the Federation

In line with the need to replenish funds one way to do this is through Gift Aid and how to do this will be presented to all WIs in January at the Presidents Day Zoom sessions, which WI Treasurers are also invited to attend.

Fiona Riley gave thanks to Sue.

Anne thanked the Office staff for their dedication in times of great adversity and asked Glynis to thank Sarah and Kathy.

Glynis thanked the office staff for keeping the office running smoothly and safely.

As traditional at our Annual Meeting Anne asked Sarah to introduce your Board of Trustees.

Julia Baker – Vice Chair (Kingswood & Lapworth WI)
Anne Bufton-McCoy – Chair (Newton Regis WI)
Veronica Chapman (Hatton Park WI)
Christine Dyer (Studley Daytime WI)
Sue Ensor – Vice Chair (The Revel WI)
Glynis Forknall (Ridge Lane WI)
Sue Gill (Stockton WI)
Heather Howell (Shrewley WI)
Yvette Hunt  (Brailes WI)
Ruth McCartney (Wolston WI)
Sue Myhill – Treasurer (Long Itchington WI)
Fiona Riley (Kenilworth WI)

Anne thanked everyone for attending the meeting and declared the meeting closed at 8.15pm