Serious Science – Wow!
I was sorry to miss Serious Science tonight but was wearing another hat as a Governor of the local school. Gillian Crisp, Chair of Public Affairs reported that:
“ Andrew Lound wowed us all with his in-depth presentation of the Apollo missions to the moon, showing fascinating images and videos, especially of the lunar landing in 1969. This brought the 2019 series of Serious Science lectures to a close, having taken us on a journey including the mission to Mars, Chemical Warfare through the ages, the workings of the human mind and finally to Apollo 11.”

Monday 29th April
Wish I had gone to Wedgwood!  Sounds like the trip today was fantastic. Well done Gillian and Christine for organising such a super day out for our members.

Sunday 28th April
Just started to prepare the outline Agenda for the Board meeting on the 14th. Scoured the minutes of the last meeting to make sure I don’t miss anything important! Chased various venues and so on for the quotes for events in 2020 and spent a good while on the phone discussing matters financial with the lovely Sue Myhill our Federation Treasurer. There’s always a lot to do to keep the budget on track.

Friday 26th April
Getting ready for next Thursday!
Spent a short while checking all the arrangements are in place for the 100 Years tour in London next Thursday. Coach sorted, Blue Badge Guide sorted, Fish and Chip Supper sorted! All good then!

Wednesday 24th April
Grand Union Group Extravaganza!
What a lovely evening I have just had with the members of the Grand Union Group at Rowington Village Hall. Almost everyone was dressed up which really added to the atmosphere! The Olde Tyme Music Hall was highly entertaining and a grand time was had by all. I do hope that they will be able to continue this group as they are a great bunch of ladies and jolly good fun!