Sunday 12th September
Sorted for Tuesdays Board meeting? Yep
Rung your Link WIs – almost all a couple weren’t around so will have to try tomorrow.
Completed Blog/ nearly
Sorted Zoom invites out ???? aaaaaargh! Not yet!

Saturday 11th  September
Stunning advert for the WI and our Federation.
Well done to the ladies from Nuneaton acorns WI who did such a fabulous job of promoting the WI on tv this morning.  You made us all very proud !

Friday 10th September
And now for the Crab Apples………
What a wonderful colour my Crab apple Jelly is.  Very proud of it!
Think we have our future plans sorted after we had an Office and Finance Meeting. Think we are almost ready for the Board meeting next Tuesday too. Fingers crossed that I haven’t forgotten something really major.

Wednesday 8th September
Greengage Heaven
OOOO! Someone gave me some lovely greengages today . they make the very best jam!!
Also getting quite excited about the Sewing Street programme on Saturday which will feature members of Nuneaton Acorns WI!

Tuesday 7th September
Planning for the next Board Meeting Proper….
It’s the normal monthly Board Meeting next week so Sarah and I have been working on planning and the agenda to ensure we don’t miss anything important! It was lovely to meet up with various sub-committee members on Zoom this morning to catch up about the changes to our Insurance cover.

Monday 6th September
Board Meeting
We had to have an extra Board meeting early this morning to make a sad decision about the Lunch with Rev Richard Coles. We had been unable to find a venue big enough to provide Lunch on October 5th so sadly we have had to postpone and refund almost two hundred people.  Especial thanks to Sue Myhill, our trusty Treasurer and Sarah for processing all this.

Sunday 5th September
Been jamming all day
Blow me down if the damsons aren’t ready at the same time as the plums this year!  Calling a Trustees meeting for the morning as the Rev Richard Coles situation isn’t looking too positive.

Friday 3rd September
NO news yet
Spent almost all day on the phone trying to sort a venue for 170 people with a two course lunch. This isn’t looking too easy. Meanwhile Ray is as pleased a punch with our enormous dinner plate dahlias!

Thursday 2nd September
Well, let that be a lesson to me!
Late last night the text messages started flooding in about the shock closure of Dunchurch Park Hotel. There I was, with my feet up enjoying a glass of sparkling water as you do…… panic…. panic…… need a new venue for Rev Richard Coles on October 5th !

Anyway, we all set about trying to find somewhere (along with all those other very disappointed people)  Will let you know how we get on.

Meanwhile tonight I had the pleasure of talking to the members of Bishops Tachbrook WI on Zoom  We had a great laugh – made me forget my woes for an hour or so!

Wednesday 1st September
Well, September is here….
And the garden is looking great. I’m picking raspberries and plums every day and the WI is taking a little bit of a back seat ….. and the flowers are absolutely fabulous