Important information regarding applications for all Federation events

When booking tickets for Federation events WIs MUST

– Submit the details as requested for ALL participants
(ie name, tel, dietary requirements, pick up points, emergency contact)

– Make sure your cheque has TWO signatures

– Make sure your cheque is made payable to WFWI

– Double check the AMOUNT on your cheque is correct and adds up to the total for tickets you are applying for

– All BACs payments should quote the event reference (ie 4123) and must have an accompanying application form
(this can be posted or emailed)

– If payment has been made by bacs the PAYMENT DATE should be noted on the application form.

Any incomplete applications received WILL NOT be processed.

The WI Secretary will be notified via email and the application will be put on hold. Tickets will not be reserved or payments banked until all the required information is supplied.

Many thanks
Sarah and Kathy