Sunday 14th April
Preparations All In Hand….
Feedback for Dallas Burston re AFM on Monday ? Check .
Planner for Speakers Showcase on Monday ? Check .
Agenda for Membership & Promotions Committee on Tuesday ? Check.
Agenda and plans for Digital Strategy Committee on Tuesday? Check.
Time for a lie down in the HOT TUB then!

Friday 12th April
Catching Up
Did lots of letters and thank you cards today for all the events and support I have been receiving recently. I love using the computer for speed but actually there is something really special about writing and posting letters and cards isn’t there?

Thursday 11th April
Look out Denman!
Jeryl Stone and I have entered the Great Denman Bake-Off on Easter Tuesday! Not sure what we are cooking but I know what we are wearing! The lovely (and very talented) Sue Myhill, Federation Treasurer is embroidering our Team Warwickshire shirts for us to wear on the day! Here’s a quick preview!

Wednesday 10th April.
Hello Raymond!
Nothing WI at all today. Thought I needed to spend some quality time with Ray as I haven’t really seen him since Sunday!

Tuesday 9th April
No chance of being bored at the Board meeting today!
The Trustees were in full Easter mode today with rabbit ears and bonnets abounding!

Julia, our lovely Health and Safety Rep sprang a surprise Fire Drill on us to make sure all procedures were being followed correctly! And all of this before we really got the meeting started!
We were pleased to welcome Sue Gill from Stockton WI as a newly co-opted Trustee and Margaret from Grandborough WI who was visiting as an observer to see what we do. (goodness knows what she thought of the headgear!)
We reviewed the half-year budget, discussed the recommendations from O&F and then reviewed the AFM. We received 450 feedback forms, which were really very positive about the venue and general format. We already knew that the Stalls area was too crowded and the feedback confirmed that. We also began to make outline plans for next year’s AFM!

Dassett Group Meeting
After the Board meeting I went and scrounged a cuppa at Sue Myhill’s house as there wasn’t any point in driving all the way north to go home and then driving back down the county to Kineton for 7pm. Thanks, Sue, much appreciated!
The Dassett Group Meeting was lovely. The speaker was Graham Short, the Miniaturist. Totally fascinating illustrated talk. The group were very welcoming, fellow trustees Ruth and Yvette and I had a great time. Loved the miniature refreshments and miniature prizes in the raffle! Great Fun!

Monday 8th April
Dame Stella Rimington….. WOW!
OMG! What an amazing woman is Dame Stella! She came across as very kind, very ordinary and very nice indeed. She has had one heck of an amazing life though! I think everyone who attended the lunch today was really impressed with her. Super !

Kingsbury WI is 75 Years old!
Lovely evening with the Kingsbury Ladies tonight. A lovely buffet and some great entertainment with songs from the Musicals. Made you forget all about the mother and father of a thunderstorm going on outside……. It was like the monsoon!