Monday 31 August
Blimey its almost Autumn.  Looking forward to re-opening Federation House tomorrow. It will feel like we are starting to get back to a little normality.  Don’t forget that the hours are reduced and it’s a good idea to check on the phone whether you need to go in or not.

Sunday 30th August
Well, its been an interesting week….. more jam and chutney making and decided to sell some from the box on the end of my drive, a la  the 2.6 Challenge earlier in the year.  Seems to be going well.

Met with the Officers on Zoom on Tuesday to discuss plans for the uncertain future
Julia Baker
It’s really hard to see clearly where its all going. We are planning on having a highly socially distance Board meeting live in September! Watch this space!!

Thursday saw me being almost hysterical with glee at receiving a message from Delia Smith on Instagram.  I had posted a picture of one of her chutney recipes!  Wow! Fame at last!

Friday is my favourite day for WI matters as my own WI at Newton Regis meet on Zoom every Friday afternoon for a catch up.  Its always lovely to see everyone.

Sunday 23rd August
Just a quick weekly round up to let you know we are still alive……

Been doing loads of WI type things this week- making pickles and chutneys not to mention jam and freezing produce right left and centre.  Ray and I should be in Northern Scotland but have decided to stay home this year.

Thursday 13th August
Have a lovely holiday Sarah and Kathy

We had a quick Zoom meeting this morning to finalise all the arrangements for the office closure and the re-opening on Sept 1st. The mailing to WIs has just been posted  so we are as organised as we can be.  Fingers crossed……..

I will be writing this Blog on and off over the next fortnight and then Sarah will put it on the website when she gets back.

Tuesday 11th August
Last Board Meeting until September.
It was a long and interesting meeting today. We were sad to have to cancel some September events, as it isn’t possible to hold them under the current Government guidance.  Plans for the re-opening of the Office on September 1st were approved along with a range of activities and events for the future….. here’s hoping we are able to hold them when the time comes.

Monday 10th August
The wonders of Zoom….
What a brilliant talk  tonight from Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries and The Authenticity Project.  Clare was talking to us from her home in Fulham while we were enjoying one heck of a thunderstorm in Warwickshire.  Great!

Sunday 9th August
Home again….
And it’s the Sunday before the Board meeting on Tuesday! Lots of sorting an checking of paperwork, writing up the Blog and a Newsletter for members as normal.   Then I made the mistake of going to see how the courgettes have behaved while I was away.  Courgette and Chilli Pickle anyone?

Friday 7th August
Dahlia Delight
Enjoyed a morning on the allotment with Dad and spent all afternoon admiring the bunch of dahlias we picked

Interestingly, I didn’t have any WI meetings on Zoom today and Dad was quite disappointed!

Thursday 6th August
Blimey, an almost real WI meeting…….
Ray helped me to set out tables and chairs  in the garden when Dad and I arrived about lunchtime, and then fourteen of our members came along for a socially distanced afternoon tea.  We enjoyed delicious  picnic platters provided by a well known supermarket and had a great catch up.  Mind you I think the neighbours could hear every word as we shouted across the garden to each other!

(Dad said that the ladies of Newton Regis WI were much better live than when he sees them on the TV!)

Wednesday 5th August
Money and Chat with the Chair sessions….
Interesting meeting with Sue Myhill as Federation Treasurer to day . It was Office and Finance- Sue sets the agenda for the discussion and we are joined by Vice Chairs Julia and Sue as well as Sarah from the Office.  We talk things financial through and make preliminary recommendations for the Board to consider. (Dad says that the TV is much more fun!!)

Great meetings on Zoom tonight with Trustees Sue Gill and Yvette Hunt and their Link WIs on Chat with the Chair.  These were the final two meetings – so the Officers of every WI across the Federation have had the chance to talk to us.

Tuesday 4th August
Annual Meetings and the like were the main topic for discussion at today’s M&P meeting- there is some advice on it’s way from NFWI so we will get that out to members as soon as we can.

Got the Agenda and paperwork sorted for the Board meeting on the 11th August.

Great meeting on Zoom tonight with Trustee Fiona Riley and her Link WIs on Chat with the Chair. (Dad had a look at the computer and said he preferred Midsummer Murders, sorry , Fiona!)

Monday 3rd August
I’m looking after my Dad this week so I am going to see what he thinks of meeting on ZOOM…… it will be interesting because he thinks that the computer is like a television set- so when people talk to him it’s going to be very interesting!!  

John Johnson on Zoom

What an interesting talk by John for our members tonight.  He is such an interesting man and always optimistic  for the future even though the coach and travel business has been really badly hit by the Covid 19 situation. The feedback from participants was excellent:

“A most informative talk which I thoroughly enjoyed. Certainly learnt a lot about the coach industry and how it is trying to survive.”

“It was a very good talk  I really felt for John.  It was good to know and see pictures of the things he is doing to keep travellers safe.

“I enjoyed the talk last evening, seated comfortably, and having experience in road haulage, know how devastating it is to have millions invested in vehicles sitting in the yard going nowhere and earning nothing!”

“I admired Johns positivity, and his ‘transporting’ that thinking to us, assuring us the good times of travelling with the W.I. will return That was an uplifting thought however distant it may presently seem Thank you John.”

Sunday 2nd August
Ready for next week?
This blog? – check
Newsletter for members? – check
Analyse trustee Skills Audit?- check
Ready for next week?  – nearly……….

Saturday 1st August

Looks like tomato soup for lunch then!