Sunday 31st October
Inspired by Sue Gill and the ladies of Stockton WI I managed to get a few No More Loopholes bracelets made (not by me…. my craft skills are legendary in their non-existence.)  My niece was fortunate to be attending this weekend and she took them with her to hand out to some very delighted recipients!

Saturday 30th October
Indian Block Printing
I was so very pleased to hear that this course was going ahead.  It’s so disappointing when we have to cancel because we haven’t got enough participants to break even.  Well done, Trish, for sorting this workshop out. Enjoyed by all.

Friday 29th October
Dads Birthday today….
He was 91 today so I made some special cakes for him and all his friends!

Wednesday 27th October
What a splendid Centenary.
Many congratulations to Whitnash WI on reaching their Centenary. Had a splendid afternoon tea with them all.

Tuesday 26th October
Brilliant meetings….
It was lovely to have face-to-face meetings with the members of the Public Affairs and Creative Activities Committees today.  Really enjoyed seeing everyone- seems like ages since we met  AND of course, it really is!

Monday 25th October
Let’s Do London…
What a fabulous day out! Really enjoyed seeing the Tower of London after a lovely boat trip down the River.  The Crown Jewels were just fabulous!

Sunday 24th October
Got to get myself organised……. Sarah is away this week on a well- deserved holiday so I will be manning the phone and trying to answer all sorts of queries.
We also have a bit of a busy week……
Ready for London tomorrow?  Sort of….
Ready for Public Affairs and Creative activities Committees on Tuesday? Nearly ……..
Ready for Whitnash WI Centenary Party on Wednesday?  You bet I am!

Saturday 23rd October
Annual National Council Meeting. Part Two.
Really enjoyed seeing and listening to fellow Warwickshire member, Jeryl Stone today. It makes you feel very proud to have the National Treasurer as one of your County members.

Friday 22nd October
Annual National Council Meeting.
Every year the Chairs and Treasurers from every Federation meet up with the NFWI Trustees to discuss all kinds of matters WI.  This year the meeting took place on Zoom -not quite the same as meeting in person but very interesting all the same.  It was good to hear from our new National Chair, Ann Jones.

Wednesday 20th October
Harry’s Tree
You may well remember we lost our beloved Dalmatian, Harry earlier this year. Ray has had a special sign made to mark the spot where his ashes are scattered in the garden- under the pear tree where he always picked and ate every one, every year!  Delighted with the sign.

Tuesday 19th October
M&P Meeting today.
It was great to see the Advisers at a face-to-face meeting today.  It’s Annual Meetings season so they have all been very busy attending meetings all over the county!

Monday 18th October
Speakers Showcase
It was great to see over a hundred members of Warwickshire WIs tonight at the Baptist Church in Leamington,  really felt like we were getting back towards normality at last.

Sunday 17th October
Ready for Let’s Do London!
Just bought tickets for the Tower of London!  I have been promising my friend Olwen that we would go one day! And we soon will courtesy of our Federation Day out to London!  HAPPY DAYS !

Saturday 16th October
I might just have to take up knitting!
As you know we adopted our Dalmatian Cooper earlier this year from the wonderful DAS Dalmatians- Dave and Sue rescue Dalmatians and give them a chance of a better life and we all try to help with fundraising.  Last week I bought a knitted Cooper keyring!  Hilarious!

Thursday 14th October
Announcing Anton!
Well, I have had lots of calls , texts and comments on social media today.!  As soon as the members newsletter arrived in inboxes, I swear I could feel the waves of excitement crossing the county!

Wednesday 13th October
A day in the garden.
Even though its October the garden is till looking really well.  Don’t you just love a dahlia?!

Tuesday 12th October
Blimey!  Busy day all round….
First of all we had the on-line Board meeting which was interesting and fun as usual.  We have THE most exciting plan to unleash later in the week!

Then later in the afternoon I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Centenary Celebration for Great Alne and Kinwarton WI.  Super evening!

Monday 11th October.
Newsletter for members sorted…
I really like the monthly Newsletter idea and getting the latest news straight to members in boxes!  Sarah does a lot of work to make sure all the links work properly but I think it’s a great idea.

Sunday 10th October
Check it out!
Green house cleaned ?  Yep!
Paperwork for Board done and sorted?  Yep!
Blog sorted?  Yep!

Friday 8th October
Autumn is definitely coming now….
Cleaned out the greenhouse today ready to give it a good scrub over the weekend.  This little chap was most indignant that I disturbed his home when I moved the growbags out!

Thursday 7th October
Lovely WI meeting
It was great to see my friends at Newton Regis WI tonight.  Super flower arranging demonstration by Vicky Vernon,  all based around the ballet.   Lovely (

Wednesday 6th October
Can’t wait for it to get really cold!
Cooper has the smartest and warmest new winter jacket I have ever seen!

Tuesday 5th October
Something Really Special…..
A letter from Buckingham Palace! Thanking us all for our letter of condolence to Her Majesty following the death of Prince Phillip.

Monday 4th October
Getting ready for the Board Meeting next week.
Got the Agenda sorted with the lovely Sarah today.  It’s hard trying to keep three to four months in front of everyone else but we do our best!  Office and Finance Meeting went well today  Sue M kept us all in order!  ( can you put in a suitable pic please?)

Sunday 3rdOctober
Ready?  Get set… GO!
Blog done?  Yep.
Board Agenda sorted?  Nearly
Prep for Officers and Finance Meeting  ?  More or less!

Saturday 2nd October
The sloes are about ready….
Just need to get a bottle of gin!

Friday 1st October
Had my lovely walk with Cooper spoilt this morning by the sight of yet another sofa dumped on the lanes.  Why cant they just go to the tip??