What is MCS?
MCS stands for Membership Communication System, the place each WI uses to keep the NFWI up-to-date with its members.
Your April WI mailing contains a list printed from MCS for you to check and update.

I can’t remember how to log in?
To access MCS use the this link www.nfwi-records.org.uk
Your username is your email address (as it appears on MCS)

I can’t remember my password?
Don’t worry just email to request a password re-set.

Our WI hasn’t got an MCS rep
Every WI needs an MCS Rep, once you have agreed who this will be please email and we will get them set up for you.

Is there an MCS Guide to help me?
Yes … You can find the NFWI MCS Help Guide on the MyWI website (mywi.thewi.org.uk)
Click on “Running Your WI” and then “MCS Reps”.
Alternatively email and we will send you a copy.

What you need to do …
The following are the key areas which you need to ensure are up to date

Make sure all paid-up members are listed
Double check members’ address and telephone details
are correct
Remove lapsed members
Officers’ roles and committee positions
should be assigned to the correct members
Make sure all your members have their CURRENT email
address listed so they can access My WI

When do we need to do this?
We are aiming to have all our Warwickshire WIs up to date on MCS by the end of April 2019.

Thank you for your support