Dear all,

I am writing with regards to the resolution submission stage of the 2020/21 process, and to update you on the Resolution Shortlist Selection Meeting due to be held on 1st October.

Submission stage

 As you will know, the first stage of the resolutions process is going ahead as normal with WIs and federations able to submit proposed resolutions to the NFWI up until Friday 11th September.

However, we recognise the challenges surrounding Covid-19, and so we have relaxed some of the requirements around submitting resolutions. If a WI or federation is unable to meet due to the impacts of the current situation and therefore cannot take proposals to a full meeting, resolutions can instead be approved by the WI Committee or federation Board.

All resolutions, prior to submission to the NFWI, will still need to be checked by the federation, either by a Resolutions Co-ordinator, or federation representative.

So that we have a named contact to liaise with and refer members to when needed, we would like to ask all federations to to pass on the name and contact details of the person responsible for signing off resolutions. This person should be easily contactable by phone, post or email and must be willing to sign off resolutions right up to the 11th September submission deadline.

We would be grateful to receive this information by 13th July. Please send it to the NFWI Public Affairs Department using the contact details provided at the end of this memorandum.

Resolution Shortlist Selection Meeting

In October each year, federation representatives meet to consider and debate each resolution on the longlist with a view to creating a shortlist. This is a democratic process, and the NFWI Board of Trustees would like to give as many members as possible the opportunity to take part in the discussion, whilst retaining the valuable role that federations play.

Member delegates

 This year, we will therefore be increasing the number of members able to attend the Resolution Shortlist Selection Meeting to allow more members to participate in this process.

In addition to representatives from the 69 federations, we would like to offer a limited number of places to our wider membership.

All WI members are welcome to apply for a place via an online form on My WI, which will be launched on 1st July. Applications are open until 31st July.

This will be advertised in the forthcoming July edition of WI Life, and we hope all Federations will take part in promoting this opportunity to their WIs.

Virtual meeting

We are also mindful that there remains uncertainty about government restrictions and social distancing measures and how these will be applied later in the year and therefore we have been exploring more flexible options to ensure this stage of the process is not disrupted.

To ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, we will be holding the meeting virtually this year. All the debates and the usual voting processes will take place online using webinar software. While we recognise that this is a new experience, we hope this will allow more of you to consider attending and reduce any safety and wellbeing concerns, and that we will be able to hold vibrant discussions to inform the shortlist. This change is for this year only, although we will ask for your feedback following this event to help us continue to review and improve this event each year.

Federations will shortly receive more information as well as invitations to attend the shortlisting meeting. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch with the Public Affairs Department via email () or phone (020 7371 9300 ext.238).