Did you take part in The Centenary Treasure Hunt on 25th June ?

It was a lovely summers evening with nearly 250 WI members taking to the streets of Warwick!

The winner has been notified and will presented with her certificate at the Annual Federation Meeting next year.

Many of you have asked for the answers, so here you go …

1. All very PC, who’d have thought it at this date? What and when? The Cottage, 1686
2. Adding a letter to the items for sale at the corner shop will feed you. Bread – from Bead Shop
3. Who was a gentle poet belied by his name? Walter Savage Landor
4. Surely this point is at 180 degrees to the norm? What and where? E(ast) on the gate tower clock
5. Which bird of prey had a hand in producing a 19c receptacle for swift communication? Eagle foundry where Victorian pillar box was made
6. What is unusual about the entry to the post box? Vertical letterbox
7. Hubble, bubble here produces which culinary delight? Pizza
8. At 29 what is the colour associated with Pteridophyta? Red – Redfern house
9. Who is employed in what potentially shattering occupation? B S Breakwell, optometrist
10. Which purveyor of adornments sounds like a donkey? Brays jewellers
11. Look around to discover where you may have found 12 good men and true. The Courthouse
12. For what reasons are valuations made? Insurance and probate
13. Not in Downing Street, but what historically is this No.10? The Athenaeum
14. Give the matching surname of two men who could have emerged from the Wild West to fight in the Great War? Crockett
15. Which red door denotes a type of education? The one on Froebel House
16. Search to discover what was displayed to commemorate the town’s 3rd Millennium? A memorial stone
17. How long is the Tower open on a weekly basis? 34 and a half hours
18. Which form of marine life can be found out of water hereabouts? Lobster
19. What links the original and current purpose of no.8? Sharp delivery- Chillimint and GPO.
20. Walk on to spot the matching pair. What and where? 2 postboxes outside Post Office, also allow 2 blue barriers
21. Where could you gain a feeling for another language? Braille on Shire Hall sign.
22. Add the number of birds to the number of wet legs, then count up the shoal of fish and fountains. What is the combined total? 16
23. Search carefully for the quote from which local poet in which living memorial? Rupert Brooke in the poppy patch memorial
24. How many monkeys on the Abbotsford and what is their purpose? 4, to support the building’s structure.
25. Look around for an angled hairpiece. Tilted Wig public house
26. Where was history made by a so-called notorious highwayman? Aston Villa football ground.
27. When was the Market Hall built? 1670
28. Where can you purchase a Pink Panther meringue nest? The Tuckery
29. What business connects this area with our capital? Claridges – toyshop and Hotel.
30. Give the locations to avoid displaying a ticket 12870 17885
31. Where would you find Christopher Wright? Architect in Brook House
32. Search for a property with somewhat mistaken identity. Called The Cottage, but not really looking like one
33. Sounds like very lightly garbed door furniture? What and where? Bear/bare knocker on cottage door.
34. Look right to find a fishy link to an ancient foundation. Herringbone path to Lord Leycester Hospital
35. Geoffrey Payton is………………. Charted Surveyor
36. At what number might you find an empty vault? A former bank at number 26
37. What is under Arms? Grapes under Warwick Arms sign
38. What humorously hangs near The Edge of the Web? Giggling Squid
39. What was the original name of Aethelflaed’s foundation? Waeringwicum (now Warwick)
40. Who is the great benefactor associated with this area? Thomas Oken
41. Look around to find what is well-behaved until it is needed. Decorum alarm
42. Who could have been captured here? Neville (Court/caught)
43. Look closely at the Church to identify what was founded in 1655. The Midland Association of Baptist Churches.