Dear Friends,

I hope that you are beginning to feel slightly more relaxed about the loosening of the Lockdown and that most of you have been able to enjoy seeing family members even if it is at a distance.

I was privileged to be interviewed on Coventry and Warwick radio last week, when I was asked what we have all been doing during the Lockdown. I had so many good things to tell the listeners that the interviewer really couldn’t get a word in! Scrubs, headbands, washbags, goody bags, on-line meetings, the 2.6 Challenge to name but a few.

It has been lovely to see quite a few of our members on-line at our recent ZOOM events and it’s also very heartening to see so many of you participating in our various competitions. There are some wonderful entries coming in for our “Get Creative and Fill a Vase” competition. Don’t forget that entries close at 12 noon on Thursday 9th July.
If you need some ideas about how not to do it then you could take a look at our latest “Check in with the Chair “ video on social media!

As you know we have decided to hold a virtual Show in August and the classes will be :

Class 1. Four Fruit Scones. To be photographed on a plate, with one cut in half to show evenness of fruit.
Class 2. A Homemade Card. Any Medium.
Class. 3. A Homemade, Decorated Apron.
Class 4. The most peas in a pod
Class 5. The longest runner bean (photographed with a measure in cm’s)

All entries will be submitted as a photograph and will be judged by the examination of that photo by our extremely talented Judges! Full details will be with your Secretaries in the July mailing and we will also publish them on-line but I thought you would appreciate some early warning of the actual classes!

I hope that you are all beginning to take small steps towards the new normal and don’t forget that the WI will be here for you, ready and waiting and as always we will be delighted to see you.

With very best wishes