Dear Friends

I have a new name for this weekly newsletter thanks to Julia Baker, Trustee and one of the new Vice Chairs. Julia is also the Editor of the monthly Corunna News. She has suggested that this letter should be called …


So here we are with this week’s edition! It’s been a busy week with plans being made for later in the year, in the hope that we will get back to normal.

Sometimes members ask me why we put out details of events so far in advance and there are some very good reasons for this – here they are:

We actually plan six months ahead-
1. The Committee arranges, the date, venue, speakers or coaches first.
2. Then they devise the flyer and budget (to make sure the event won’t make a loss) and agree it.
3. The Board then approve the flyer and budget ready for mailing at the end of the month.
4. The flyer is available to every WI for two monthly meetings so that members can consider and book if they wish to do so.
5. The following month tickets are issued by the Office in time to be handed out at a WI meeting.
(If there are not enough bookings then the event can be cancelled without incurring any charges.)
6. Members then attend the event in due course.

Given this timeframe we are planning possible events for October and November currently and trying to fit in the postponed events as we go along. Interesting times!

Talking of which I am pleased to tell you that the new date for the Rev Richard Coles event at Dunchurch Park Hotel is 15th October 2020. (was 22nd April)

The Spring AFM Raffle has been drawn and the prize winners are as follows:
1st – Hamper – Josephine Royle
2nd – £50 – Gillian Gwinett
3rd – £25 – Georgina Faunch
4th – £10 – Lynne Christian
5th – £10 – Anna Wilson
6th – Small Brooch – Janet Oakey
7th – Cook Book – Julie Taylor
Please note that prizes will be issued once we return to normal but I thought you would like to know if you are a lucky winner

Do please take a look – we have a special Arts and Crafts Lockdown Creations gallery on the website complete with photographs from our members! I’m writing my Blog which might give you an insight about what the Board are doing.

Do catch up with social media if you can, the Trustee Top Tips are proving popular along with those videos! If you can share our posts with your friends and family, please do. We want the whole world to know that Warwickshire WIs are up and running! You never know we might even gain some new members!

Thank you so much for your messages of encouragement received via email and social media. The Board and I are heartened by your kind responses. It’s lovely to hear from you.
Look forward to writing again next week with more Corona News!

With very best wishes


Anne and the Board of Trustees