March 25th 2020

Dear Friends,

As the new Government Guidelines regarding Covid19 come in to effect I thought I would write to you all and let you know what arrangements your Federation Trustees and staff have been making to safeguard the future of our organisation.
As you know we have had to cancel or postpone a number of Federation events and the full list of what is happening is at the bottom of this email. If an event has been totally cancelled then we will be sending out refunds but please do bear with us as this is quite a big job for Sue, our Treasurer.

We are looking for good news stories, hints and tips from members for the website and social media so don’t hesitate to contact Sarah or Kathy if you would like to contribute. They are available on 01926 419998 in office hours.
If you haven’t joined MyWI yet then please do- there’s a wealth of interesting information on this site. To join all you have to do is follow this link to log-in or to register
If you aren’t on social media then this might be your chance to join in with these communication channels. If you have a smartphone, computer or tablet then if you search for “How do I get onto facebook? Or Twitter? or Instagram? then you can find a step by step guide to help you. Or why not ring one of the more internet savvy members of your WI for a chat and ask them.

It’s certainly been an interesting and challenging times for us all and I hope that you are keeping well and have enjoyed the adjustment to a slower pace of life. The notion of cocooning ourselves rather than self-isolating is quite inspirational and I have changed the title of my list known as “To do when I have time” to my “How lovely to have the time to do” list. My Mum used to talk about triumph over adversity and that’s the WI all over!

As Lynne Stubbings our National Chair said recently “In times of uncertainty, WI members have always come together to support each other and stay connected with their communities”
We are a group of strong minded, determined and positive women and together we can and do make a difference! Most of all ladies remember that the WI is here for you – we are all in this together and we will make the best of it. Singing Jerusalem as you wash your hands is a great way to start!

Take care of yourselves, enjoy this Newsletter and we look forward to seeing you all soon

With very best wishes

Anne and the Board of Trustees

Date Event Organised by Postpone or cancel altogether?
16.03 Quiz Final TRUSTEES Postpone
18.03 Plastics day PUBLIC AFFAIRS Postpone
20.03 Willow weaving CREATIVE ACTIVITIES Postpone
27.03 Willow weaving CREATIVE ACTIVITIES Postpone
30.03 Annual Federation Meeting TRUSTEES Currently re-arranged for 22.06.20 although this may be postponed
31.03 Serious Science PUBLIC AFFAIRS Cancel and re-run in 2021
April Darts prelim rounds LEISURE ACTIVITIES Cancel
04.04 Watercolour Workshop CREATIVE ACTIVITIES Postpone
16.04 IPad workshop TRUSTEES Postpone
16.04 Instagram workshop TRUSTEES Postpone
20.04 Speakers Showcase TRUSTEES Cancel
22.04 Rev R Coles TRUSTEES Postpone
25.04 Patchwork CREATIVE ACTIVITIES Postpone
27.04 Resolution Briefing PUBLIC AFFAIRS Cancel
28.04 Serious Science PUBLIC AFFAIRS Cancel and re-run in 2021
01.05 VE celebration TRUSTEES Cancel
11.05 Burghley House LEISURE ACTIVITIES Cancel
20.05 Photography Workshop CREATIVE ACTIVITIES Postpone
28.05 Pomp and Ceremony trip PUBLIC AFFAIRS Cancel