Dear Friends

Newsletter 4
Well, another week has zoomed by. Isn’t it strange how quickly we have all adapted to our new situation? Sarah and Kathy are running the Federation Office from their homes and we are keeping in touch on-line.
Many of our meetings are now conducted on-line, Trustees are in touch regularly and today we had our first Board meeting via the ZOOM application. It was so lovely to see everyone!
If your WI is meeting on-line or via social media then please do let Sarah know so that she can tell the wider world how we are doing!

Sue Myhill, our Federation Treasurer says,
“I would like to thank you all for your patience regarding refunds due to the cancellation of events. We are trying to work through the lists in order though someone keep blowing out the light at the end of the tunnel at times. By the end of next week all refunds for March April and May should be with your Treasurer, but give her time to process your individual payments please.”

The Board of Trustees discussed the likelihood of us being able to hold events in June today and we decided to cancel or postpone the following events as follows:
• Margaret Thatcher on 19 June to be postponed until November
• Gin Lane Trip on 25 June to be cancelled and refunded
• Mosaic Knitting on 27 June to be postponed – date to be arranged
• Treasure Hunt on 29 June to be cancelled and refunded, perhaps your own WI might organise something locally once the Lockdown is lifted.

We will continue to follow Government advice and keep you updated on a weekly basis. We are working on rescheduling events for the Autumn to add to the ones we already had planned so it should be an interesting and exciting time with something for everyone when we will all be able to enjoy each other’s company again.

I hope that many of you are keeping up with what we are doing on social media. I am enjoying the challenge of recording a short video message every week . Why not Check in with the Chair on-line or have a go at some of the fabulous Trustee Top Tips which appear regularly on social media?

Do keep in touch with your friends and fellow members- we will get through this and look forward to many happy days ahead

Take care of yourselves and I look forward to seeing you soon.

With very best wishes

Anne and the Board of Trustees