Thursday 31st December
Review of the year
Took me ages to decide which WI posts from our social media channels to post for this.   Even though we have been shut down effectively for most of the year I was
totally amazed at the amount and variety of things we have achieved in the Federation!

Wednesday 30th December
We’ve all gone jigsaw mad
Social media is full of pictures of completed jigsaw puzzles so here’s mine!

Tuesday 29th December
First covering in the garden- happy days!

Monday 28th December
Some Day my Prince will Come…..
Just curled up in my chair reading my fave Christmas Present from the lovely Raymond.
I just adore Anton and It is my fervent wish to meet him one day!

Thursday 24th December
Star of Bethlehem?
Well…. The skies finally cleared today and I was lucky enough to spot the conjunction just as the sun was going down.  Too good not to share!

Wednesday 23rd December
Brilliant News
OK, Ok I know I said I wasn’t going to blog until New Year but I am extraordinarily proud of raising over £200 for MacMillan in memory of my dear friend and former Newton Regis WI member Gaye O’Connor.

Tuesday 22nd December
Happy Christmas One and All
Today is the final blog entry for 2020. I do hope you and yours have a Happy and Safe Christmas. Its been a strange old year but we have got through it together!

Off to make my mince pies now! Happy Days


Monday 21st December
Panto feedback– had some lovely emails in over the weekend – it seems that everyone really enjoyed the Panto.  It was great fun!

Christmas Cake
Wet, windy and horrible weather- just right for icing your Christmas Cake!  Happy days.

Sunday 20th December
Some lovely Christmas cards
It has been so heartening to receive so many Christmas cards from our WIs across the Federation – many of them with lovely messages of thanks to everyone for keeping the Federation going throughout 2020.

Saturday 19th December

NFWI have featured my Gluten free Fruit Cake recipe on the Winter Warmers section of the NFWI Website! Always a great recipe – works every time  Originally featured in our very own Centenary Cookbook Kitchen Wisdom! (The recipe is on our Winter Warmers page)

Thursday 17th December
Super day for the Federation…..
First of all we had a super duper Poetry Morning, organised by the lovely Jane and Gwyneth – we all had a great time

Then it was THE PANTO. What can I say?  If you didn’t see it then you missed quite a treat. Great fun

Wednesday 16th December
Final Check in with the Chair Video Day and a brilliant talk by Gillian Crisp
My final video for the year was a tongue in cheek recipe for a Christmas cake.  Think it was well received.

Gillian’s talk on ACWW was great,  She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic- fabulous evening
Gillian Crisp

Sunday 13th December
EEK!! Just looked at the diary for this coming week!
Better sort out the cookery demo for Monday night then….
At least I have done the script for Tuesday evening’s  Annual Federation Meeting….
Gillian is all set for the ACWW talk on Wednesday night …
And we are almost ready for the Panto on Thursday…. Oh, yes we are!

Saturday 12th December
Right………   ACWW collection coming up.
I finally decided that I had better open the Christmas cards and tackle the stamps which have been piling up over lockdown…… Had a good hour today cutting up envelopes and trimming stamps ready for the ACWW collection at Federation House.

Friday 11th  December
Christmas Jumpers at the ready ….
I always loved Christmas Jumper Day when I worked in schools….. here’s our Trustee Heather Howell, looking Fantastically Festive!

Meanwhile I am finalising the script for the Federation Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening.  Must make sure I don’t miss anything out!

Thursday 10th December
Oh Yes we Are!   What a morning!!  And then an evening treat!
First of all we had a planning meeting with our Membership and Promotions Committee where all the plans for 2021 were made and sorted! then we had to Zoom off to a Panto rehearsal ….. what fun!
What a fab surprise we had tonight when the local Round Table made a special visit to the village with Santa on his sleigh!  How lovely! My special friend Olivia (aged seven) was absolutely thrilled to bits to see him!

Wednesday 9th December
What a lovely treat!
Today I received a super Christmas Goody Bag from my own WI. What a smashing surprise. I love seeing the pictures of what all our WIs are doing at this special time of year for their members. Don’t you?

Tuesday 8th December
What did we do before Zoom then?
Enjoyed seeing all the members of Creative Activities and Public Affairs Committees today as they continue to plan for 2021. They work really hard and we are all very grateful for their efforts.

Talking of efforts, it was also lovely to talk to all of our IFEs (Independent Financial Examiners ) this evening.  They have helped over 50% of our WIs with their accounts this year, and have done the most fantastic job.  I have had several calls telling me that an IFE has been an angel for some Treasurers ! Thank you all so much.

Monday 7th December
Busy day on Zoom!
Great time on Chat with the Chair today. It’s lovely to connect with members across the Federation and share ideas.

The Festive Floral demonstration on Zoom tonight by Jayne Edmond was absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Particularly her Candle of Hope decoration which was inspirational as we get ready to light candles as part of the NFWI Candlelight Vigil on Wednesday to mark the end of the 16 days of action against gender based violence.

Sunday 6th December
Two notes through the door this morning asking for more Lemon Curd as It has all gone from the Sales Box!  Must get onto it tomorrow….

All ready for Creative Activities and Public Affairs Committees on Tuesday!

Saturday 5th December
Oh yes we are…
Spent some time on the Federation panto today.  Thought I had better get a costume or two organised!  Mind you since it’s on zoom I can wear what I like on the bottom half AND my slippers!

Friday 4th December
What’s in the Box?
Just put a box of preserves for Christmas on the end of my drive- raising funds in memory of a dear friend- who was a stalwart of the WI for many years.

Thursday 3rd December
Chat with the Chair and Chat with the WI day.
Feel like I have been on Zoom all day today…. Had a great chinwag with some more of our members from right across the county.  Enjoyed swapping ideas of what the different WIs have been up to over the year!   Then it was off to the Newton Regis WI Christmas meeting –  lots of fun and games and a jolly good laugh, it’s so good to connect with your friends even if it is only virtually!

Wednesday 2nd December
Stained Glass Biscuits a plenty!
Time for the fortnightly Check in with the Chair video, so there I was bashing boiled sweets in a strong plastic bag with a rolling pin.  Takes a bit of force…… the dog kept barking because he thought someone was banging on the door!   Anyway the biscuits were a raving success and look great on my little tree!

Tuesday 1st December
Trustees and Jewellery Zoom
Good Board meeting this morning.  We had a couple of guests with us – Anita from Treacle Tarts WI and Trish from Newbold Pacey and Ashorne WI. Our Board meetings are always open to visitors and this is the first time we have had visitors on Zoom!  Still planning for 2021 and crossing our fingers that we will be able to all get together in 2021.

What an interesting talk we had on Zoom tonight from Jake Thompson – he transported us to a completely different world with rubies, pearls and opals a plenty. Absolutely great speaker.