Wednesday 30th January
Policy Preparation Day
Next Monday we have our annual Board of trustees Policy check up meeting. This is when we make sure that all of our policies are up to date and compliant with the Constitution and charity law. Any changes made during the year are discussed and made into policy. Sounds a bit pedantic, I know but we have to ensure that everything we do is proper!
Spent today checking the paperwork to make sure the agenda runs smoothly. We are trialling this as an evening meeting of the Board. We are very conscious that our current pattern of meetings would preclude someone who works (unless they have an extremely understanding Boss) from joining the Board.

Monday 28th January
What a day!
Totally done in when I got home last night. Presidents Day went really well. We did three sessions , 2.00, 4.30 and 7.30pm. Everyone who came was really appreciative of the effort put in by individual Trustees to ensure that their own part f the presentation was interesting, informative and professional. We covered a lot of ground with everything from keeping up with charitable law and GDPR to how to promote your WI on social media getting an airing. ( pic on twitter)
Huge thank you to all those Presidents and committee members who attended. Really appreciate your support.