Fri 28th February
All ready for Tutankhamun!
Can’t believe we are taking 98 members to see the Exhibition next Thursday! Just been checking all the coach lists and the Risk Assessment documents. Spoken to the Blue Badge Guides too. All very exciting! Can’t wait!

Thursday 27th February
What a treat!
I got to attend a WI Committee meeting today- how lovely to hear so many real enthusiasts talking about their WI!

Wednesday 26th February
Isn’t the Internet useful?!
I did some research today ready for the Plastics Day as I will be acting as compere. I wanted to find a really stimulating introductory activity and found some fantastic ideas including this one about looking after wha we have

Tuesday 25th February
Public Affairs Committee
Went really well today. We are all planned up for the Plastics Day on 18th March – almost a hundred members are planning to attend. I guess I will be making biscuits by the bucket load the night before! The team are planning on making gallons of soup for lunch and all of the speakers are confirmed. Great!
I really wanted to go to the Serious Science lecture tonight on Digital Autopsy – another great evening organised by Jane and the public Affairs team but in the end I couldn’t go. A real pity because I hear it was very good indeed.

Sunday 23rd February
What a day. Lots of planning and double checking going on.
• Speakers for the AFM
• Timings for the AFM
• Planning for getting everything to Dallas Burston for the AFM set up on the Sunday night

• Planning for my role in Plastics Day ready for Public affairs on Tuesday

• Double checking the lists for Tutankhamun on 5th March

Friday 21st February
Weird or what????
Today saw me writing my Chair’s letter for inclusion in the April issue of the Corunna News. Lots of things happening and it’s really odd writing about things which will happen but haven’t yet, if you know what I mean……..

Wednesday 19th February
I can’t believe I missed this……
I was struck down today with an awful bug and so I had to miss the Centenary Celebrations at Grandborough WI. I was so sorry to miss it. I hear from Jeryl and Lynne that it was a great evening though.

Tuesday 18th February
Big day today.
Membership and Promotions this morning with lots of planning and organisation being sorted. Then off we all went to Leamington for an Afternoon Tea or all Trustees- a kind of well done afternoon for all their hard work during the year. It was really nice to spend time together in a social setting.

Monday 17th February
Quiz … all done
Many thanks to Mandy and her team from Mancetter WI for all their hard work and support tonight. 22 teams was a lot of tables, chairs and teas to organise! I hear the other Quiz rounds also went off ok all over the County so well done everyone!

Sunday 16th February
Quiz Checklist for Mancetter round tomorrow night
Come on Anne, have you got?
Quiz questions- yep
Scorecards and papers – yep
Tea, coffee biscuits-yep
Compostable cups -yep
Raffle prizes, tickets and float – yep
Milk……. Argh! Milk ….. note to self BUY MILK tomorrow morning. The Quiz will be a complete disaster if there isn’t any milk!!

Friday 14th February
Show the Love
I know it’s my own WI but I am really proud of the way Newton Regis WI have decorated the redundant village telephone box to Show the Love!

Wednesday 12th February
Coffee and Chat to Alleviate Loneliness-
Lovely Coffee Morning with Newton Regis WI- they have one to co-incide with the visit of the outreach post office to the village – this event is becoming more popular with every month that passes and is helping us to fulfil our resolution mandate.

Tuesday 11th February
Show the Love at the Board meeting.
Well, I said to Julia, we will never be bored at a Board meeting when you’re around!

Just look at her effort for Show the Love !! The Board meeting went well and lots of plans are in place for the year to come….. watch this space!

Monday 10th February
I cannot wait……..
for the AFM on March 30th ……. Spent the afternoon at Dallas Burston meeting with Harminder, the Event manager and Matt the Sound and AV Expert.

It’s all looking pretty exciting for the day now and the NEW shopping area is going to be absolutely brilliant!!

Sunday 9th February
Gale stops me gardening and I am fuming……
Finally got to walk the dog this afternoon, cannot believe the amount of rubbish everywhere. I picked up loads last week on our lane and here we are again……… let’s all sign up for the Great British Spring Clean We really do need to!

Saturday 8th February
Board of Trustees on Tuesday.
Blimey! Just been running through the agenda for Tuesday’s Board meeting … Look out Ladies: Stand up Paddle Boarding, Machine Embroidery, a Summer Concert, flower workshop and lots more coming up!
And I’m now on Version 3 of the Agenda for the Annual Federation Meeting on 30th March…….. must get it absolutely right as we have all four Officers of NFWI in attendance!

Thursday 6th February
Warwickshire Shows the Love!
Brilliant workshop at Federation House today, loads of people making Green Hearts to support the Show the Love Campaign. Brilliant.

Bulkington is 85 Years young!
Great evening celebrating the 85th Birthday of Bulkington WI, complete with the Bulkington Silver Band and The Bulkington Belles. What a lovely evening.

Wednesday 5th February
Conference went well and the Policy Meeting was absolutely great. All of the Trustees had worked really hard to scrutinise every line of every policy to make sure they are all up to date and meet legal requirements. Brilliant.

Mon 3rd February
All ready! Tomorrow is such a busy day
Ready for Policy Review ? Check.
Ready for the Country Trust Conference? Check That’s my other passion- helping disadvantaged children.

Sunday 2nd February
Instagram Questions
Got some interest from other WIs across the country in response to my post about Stand up Paddle boarding!

I really like being able to read up on what other WIs are doing….. we have pinched a great idea for a Jigsaw Afternoon from Instagram. Why re-invent the wheel!
Incidentally there are still some places available on our Instagram course on April 28th if you fancy finding out just how easy it is to use. A great tool for publicising your WI ….