Wednesday 13th February
Judges, Shows and a good old catch up……
Had a lovely meeting this afternoon – it was great to see our Judges altogether. We welcomed Vicky, Bev and Fiona, newly qualified judges to the meeting and were sorry to hear that Dianne and Judi are to “ hang up their Judges hats” this year.
We discussed the allocation of Judges for the various applications for Judges which have been received and made plans for a moderation meeting next year.
It was a pleasure to attend the meeting and to be able to thank the Judges for all they do for our WIs and their members on behalf of the Federation.

Tuesday 12th February
The Board Meeting……..
A long day today, we were pleased to welcome an observer from Kenilworth WI to the meeting and sorted flyers and budgets for The Digital Committee Evening in July as well as a trip to Harry Potter World in October. People are always amazed how far in advance we have to work, but this is to allow time for everything to be processed, mailed out to WIs and to allow WIs two meetings to discuss them and order tickets if they wish to do so. We have to do this in time to be able to cancel an event without penalty if there isn’t enough take-up! (All part of the being financially prudent bit)
The first break saw us all outside with our “ Show the Love” green hearts- necklaces, brooches, biscuits and even a heat! We are all jolly proud to be part of this wonderful NFWI campaign, which is gaining ground every year!

We are all looking forward to the Centenary Concert on Saturday 23rd February at Warwick School, which promises to be a fabulous evening. There are still a few tickets left, so do contact the Office if you would like to join us. We also went through all the arrangements for the AFM in March, making sure we have all our bases covered…. I hope!! 

A moment of sadness
We were all very sorry to hear of the sad loss of Ann Beatty,  such a stalwart member of the Federation for many years. We all shared our memories of her fantastic contributions over the years and took time to remember the many ways she had touched all of our lives.

Monday 11th February
Biscuits iced……… meetings done and dusted!
What a lovely day- busy though……. Everyone was thrilled with the sheer size and space in the Hall at Dallas Burston! Had a great discussion with Matt, the AV man, Matt will make sure all the sound and visual technical work on the day! We know where all the collection points for the mailing, the Homeless Period Collection and so on are going to be now. Looking forward to the day very much!
Sorted out loads of stuff with Sue , our lovely Treasurer and then off we went to Wroxall Abbey to make sure that all our plans for Lunch with Dame Stella Rimington are in place. Brilliant.
Home much later and iced those biscuits ready for tomorrow.

Sunday 10th February
Green Hearts at the ready!

Busy day today. We have a lot of meetings tomorrow- Dallas Burston to run through the arrangements for the AFM, then a meeting with Sue, our lovely treasurer about Independent Financial Examinations- she has some brilliant ideas! then we are off to Wroxall Abbey to finalise the arrangements for the Lunch with Stella Rimington on 8th April.
I have got all the paperwork and planning for Monday ( as above) sorted out and I am ready for Tuesday’s Board meeting. Well, all except finishing my green heart biscuits for the Trustees Version of Show the Love! Mind you, I just have to stop Ray from eating these biscuits before I have finished icing them………… he thought they were an early Valentine’s present.

Thursday 7th February
MMMMMM Chocolate workshop night.
OOO! just the thing after a busy day preparing paperwork for the Board meeting next Tuesday. My own WI at Newton Regis had a super- duper Chocolate Workshop – everyone had a lovey time.

Tuesday 5th February
A different sort of day……
Missed going to Membership and promotions Committee today as I was speaking at The Country Trust Conference. Those of you who know me, know that as an ex teacher I have a passion for taking disadvantaged kids on farm visits!
M&P have all kinds of exciting plans afoot- training treasurers and officers , helping WIs to promote themselves and opening new WIs!

Monday 4th February
Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!!
Well, Sue Myhill and I had a great time today, asking each other lots of questions about the CIO plans. Bit disappointed not to see anyone else, but we consoled ourselves that it must have meant that the paperwork we sweat blood over had been reasonably clear. ( At least, that’s our theory!!!)
Then we had an Office and Finance meeting with Veronica and Christine, our lovely Vice Chairs where we discussed the quotations for the renewal of the electricity contract for Federation House – it’s definitely worth getting three quotes as there was quite a difference!

FINALLY we met with all the Trustees to hold our Annual Policy Review.
This was an evening meeting as we are trying to vary meeting times to encourage people who work to consider becoming Trustees.
We went through all of the policy decisions made during the year and formalised them for posterity. One of those quietly important jobs. Many thanks to Margaret for making sure we didn’t miss any decisions and to Sarah, for minuting the meeting so accurately.

Sunday 3rd February
Reviews and tomorrow!
As the first year of this new Board draws to a close I am really enjoying having a chat to individual Trustees to review how the year has gone – what went well, not so well and what they would like to do differently or more of next year.
Also trying to make sure that I am well prepared for the meetings tomorrow about changing the charitable status of the Federation. These are open to any/ all current members, who are able to come along for a coffee and chat at 11.00am or 2.30pm . Sue, Federation Treasurer and I will be there doing pour best to answer any questions or concerns.

Friday 1st February
Stella Rimington is coming!
Opened an official looking envelope in the post today and it was confirmation of how much Dame Stella is looking forward to seeing us all on April 8th! So I thought I had better double check that I had bought my tickets for the lunch at Wroxall Abbey. Ah! I had bought mine when this event was on members only release…….. in my head I had bought a ticket for Ray but, on checking , realised I must have dreamt it! Oops! Good job there are still a few tickets left for members and friends! I would have been in the doghouse otherwise!