Saturday 26th February

Anton Du Beck is a complete Sellout!

Delighted with the news that every ticket for this event has been sold.  Just waiting to see if anyone emails in a question for Anton

Friday 18th February

Off to France for a few days R&R so there won’t be a Blog…….. au revoir!

Thursday 17th February

Digital Mailing Day…

I was very relieved to have managed to get an individual email sent out to over 2600 Warwickshire members for whom we hold and email address today.  I also managed to email all details of the digital mailing to all secretaries together with a copy of the individual member’s email for Secretaries to give to the members who wouldn’t have received it for themselves. PHEW!!!!

Tuesday 15th February

Did you show the love yesterday and today?

Did you wear your green heart?  The Trustees certainly did! And did you  send your postcard which was free with WI life to someone important as aa reminder?  I certainly did!!

Members of the Membership and Promotions Team ( M&P) met today to discuss helping our WIs with promotions and recruitment.

Saturday 12th February

Congratulations Christine.

Trustee Christine Dyer received a certificate of appreciation from the NHS for her work as a volunteer during the Pandemic.  I am sure many of our members received a similar commendation as I know so many of you have worked tirelessly throughout the Pandemic for our communities.

Friday 11th February

Well done, Anita.

Trustee Anita Dudley has organised a fabulous Zoom talk for March – How your wardrobe could save the Planet.   Take a look at the website for full details !

Thursday 10th February

Another Warwickshire WI looking forward to their Centenary.

The members of Wootton Wawen WI  are really looking forward to their Centenary celebration later this month! Congratulations, Ladies.

Tuesday 8th February

Live Board of Trustees meeting.

It really was great to see the Board get together in person today. We had masses of business to complete- including planning for the Annual Federation Meeting at Dallas Burston on July 5th. We approved a number of events for the future including a trip to Hay on Wye and a Golf Taster day.  It feels like we might be working towards getting back to normal…. ( fingers crossed!)

Sunday 6th February

Congratulations Your Majesty.

It’s the start of the Queen’s platinum Jubilee celebrations today. We have all sorts of plans for the celebrations later in the year. Watch this space!!

Thursday 3rd February

Great Speaker

At my own WI at Newton Regis tonight.  We heard all about the history of the hatting industry in Atherstone. Totally fascinating talk.

Tuesday 1st February

First signs of spring…

The garden is starting to perk up a bit.  Snowdrops form great drifts under the trees, the pansies are flowering boldly in the pots and tubs and the daffs are poking their heads up!  Lovely!

Sunday 30th January

Just getting the office stuff under control…

The weekly Newsletter for Secretaries is going quite well and we seem to be getting all of the paperwork in.   Just got to master the ticketing for Anton- which is really quite major.

Friday 28th January

Thank you…

To members of Hatton Park WI who re-planted the planters outside Federation House  they look absolutely great!

Wednesday 26th January

Excitement at Federation House!

Trish , one of the Trustees was present when the replacement stairlift was fitted today.  She had a great time practicing riding up and down!

Tuesday 25th January

Annual Meeting and a new WI!

What a day!   We had a great Annual Meeting on Zoom this morning with Joel Ashton, rewilder extraordinaire as our guest speaker.   We were delighted to welcome Jeryl Stone, National Treasurer and member of our very own Hampton Lucy and Charlecote WI to open the meeting. The business was all transacted efficiently and then we settled down to listen to Joel who was very helpful and informative!

Then in the evening I was delighted to attend the first meeting of Twin Rivers WI in Coleshill, which went extremely well too.

Monday 24th January

All prepared for the AFM?

Its been a busy old week with lots of paperwork and emails to get sorted ready for the AFM tomorrow.  I think we are just about ready.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday 18th January

Administrative work…

I have decided not to tell you all about the time I spend answering emails and general WI queries.   Its quite a busy job and I am very grateful to Sue Myhill and the other Trustees for picking up some of the work. Sue is dealing with all the financial transactions so her life is very busy with all the ticket sales coming in.

Monday 17th January

Another great Zoom meeting…

Patricia Carswell was really interesting tonight and her account of her work was fascinating. Well done, Terry Barker for organising this for us.

Sunday 16th January

Love January

It’s that special time of year when the Seville Oranges arrive.  Just love making marmalade!