Get Creative

… Some ideas to try during the Autumn, Winter months

Make your own Santa !
Thanks to Wendy Burrows a member at Stockton WI for sending in this one.

Click below to download the instructions
Santa Instructions 1

Santa Instructions 2

Cuthbert Rabbit

The full pattern pieces and instructions are on MyWI
My WI | Cuthbert Rabbit (
and here is one made by Lorraine Geddes, a member of our Creative Team and of Willoughby WI. Isn’t he lovely

You will need …

  • Pattern pieces
  • 30cm felt squares: 3 x white,1 x purple, plus small scrap of green felt
  • Black stranded embroidery thread
  • Polyester toy filling
  • 2 x 20cm pieces of wire or 2 pipe cleaners
  • 10mm-wide ribbon for bow
    Matching sewing threads
  • Fade-away fabric marker pen
  • Dressmakers Carbon paper
  • Press stud fastener (optional)


Winter Owls !

24 x 11cm of felt for the body and wings
3 x 6 cm of contrasting felt for the eyes
20 x 2 cm of red felt for the scarf
Scrap of brown or black felt for the beak
2 x 2 cm buttons for the eyes
15 – 20 cm thin ribbon or string
Embroidery cotton
About 8g toy filling

Cardboard, scissors, embroidery needle

Draw a template of the owl body shape and wings and cut out. Transfer the shapes to the felt and cut two body pieces and two wings from the large pieces of felt and one beak and two eyes from the smaller pieces of felt

Take the long piece of red felt and with your scissors cut little fringes along both ends. Do not cut them too thin or they will tear.

For the button eyes lay the felt circles on the front body piece with the buttons on top. Secure them to the body with a few stitches through the buttonholes.

Place the beak just below the eyes and sew it in place with a few overhand stitches.

Take your length of ribbon and fold it in half for the hanging loop. Place it at the top of the head on the wrong side of the back body piece. Make a couple of small stitches to secure it. Do not cut your threat, put the front piece on top of the back piece, wrong sides together, with the end of the hanging loop sandwiched between the two. Sew all the way round with blanket or overhand stitch. Stuff the owl with toy filling before closing it completely.

Place the wings on the sides of the owl about half way down and sew them along the top with a few overhand stitches.

Tie the scarf around the neck of the owl to keep it nice and warm.

You could use the owls for the Christmas tree or fill with lavender or some cinnamon to fill your home with a festive aroma.

Thanks to Alwyn Farren a member of Stockton WI for sharing the idea
Click here for the templates – Winter Owls – templates
lick here for the instructions – Winter Owls – instructions

Knitted Hearts 

We may be apart but we can still work together …. use up your scraps of yarn and knit these cute hearts. When your WI is back together you could put them together to make bunting for your meeting venue, attach ribbon hangers and decorate your WI Christmas tree with them, or attach a brooch clip (or safety pin) and wear to your next WI meeting?

Abbreviations – St(s), stitch(es) / K, knit / Kfb, knit into the front then knit into the back of next stitch (to increase one stitch) / K2tog, knit next 2 sts together as 2 stitch (to decrease 1 stitch that slants to the right) / YB, yarn back (take yarn back between the 2 needles and not around the needle) / g st, garter stitch: knit every row / rep, repeat / RS, right side/s / ( ), shows number of stitches now on needle

To knit – Make a slip knot on one needle, leaving a tail of approximately 10cm.

Row 1: Kfb to make 2 sts. Row 2: K1, Kfb (3 sts)
Row 3: K2, Kfb (4 sts) Row 4: K3, Kfb (5 sts)
Row 5: K4, Kfb (6 sts) Row 6: K5, Kfb (7 sts)
Row 7: K6, Kfb (8 sts) Row 8: K7, Kfb (9 sts)
Row 9: K8, Kfb (10 sts) Row 10: K9, Kfb (11 sts)
Row 11: K10, Kfb (12 sts) Row 12: K11, Kfb (13 sts)
Row 13: K12, Kfb (14 sts) Row 14 and 15: K
Row 16: K2tog, K10, K2tog (12 sts)
Row 17: K2tog, K2, K2tog (4 sts).
Leave remaining 6 stitches on the left-hand needle,
or slip on to a stitch holder if you prefer. Turn work, YB.
Row 18: K2tog, K2tog (2 sts)
Row 19: K2tog, cast off by cutting yarn and pulling
through last loop. You should have finished with four
tail ends of yarn. Thread each end individually into
the large needle and darn invisibly into the knitting
stitches to secure, and form a nice shape to your heart.
Cut off any remaining yarn ends.

Stitch techniques
Increasing – Knit front and back (Kfb)
1 Knit into the next stitch as normal but do not slip the stitch off the left-hand needle.
2 Take the right-hand needle to the back of the work and knit into the back loop of the same stitch. Slip the stitch off the left-hand needle to leave 2 new stitches on the right-hand needle.

Decreasing – Knit 2 stitches together (K2tog)
Insert the right-hand needle as if to knit, into the next 2 stitches on the left-hand needle (instead of 1 stitch) and then knit them together as if they were one stitch

Click here to download the pattern Knitted Hearts

Long Lasting Autumn Blooms

An easy affordable way to bring some colour indoors at Autumn.

Just cut from your garden and allow to dry!

Thanks to Trustee, Veronica Chapman (Hatton Park WI) for sharing this idea.




Knitted Angels

What you will need
Some wool (in any yarn or colour)
Knitting needles (between size 10-­8 (thats 3.25mm and 4mm))
Darning needle (like a big sewing needle)
Small amount of stuffing

Angel – Body

Cast on 48 sts

  1. Knit row
  2. Purl row
  3. K2TOG, K10*, repeat until end
  4. Purl row
  5. Knit row
  6. P2TOG, P9*, repeat until end
  7. Knit row
  8. Purl row
  9. K2TOG, K8*, repeat until end
  10. Purl row
  11. Knit row
  12. P2TOG, P7*, repeat until end
  13. Knit Row
  14. Purl Row
  15. K2TOG, K6*, repeat until end
  16. Purl row
  17. Knit row
  18. P2TOG, P5*, repeat until end
  19. Knit row
  20. Purl row
  21. K2TOG, K4*, repeat until end -­ 20 sts
  22. Purl row
  23. Knit row
  24. Purl row
  25. Knit row
  26. Purl row
  27. Knit row

At this point, you can change your colour to create the face if you want.

  1. Purl row
  2. knit row
  3. Purl row
  4. Knit row
  5. Purl row
  6. Knit row
  7. Purl row
  8. K2TOG -­ repeat until end
  9. Purl row
  10. Knit row
  11. P2TOG -­ repeat until end

Using a darning needle, thread the end of the yarn through the stitches and tighten to create the top of the head. Turn the angel inside out and sew up the head and the body.
Around the neck, take a small amount of stuffing and place at the top of the head, then thread some yarn between stitches and pull loosely together.

Angel -­Wings
Cast on 27 sts The wings are knitted in short rows,

  1. Knit row
  2. Knit row
  3. Decrease at each end (Knit)
  4. Knit
  5. Knit 12 rows, decrease at each end cast off with the yarn wrapped around the last stitch in the middle of each ridge.

To complete this you need to bring your yarn forward, slip the sitich over purlwise, take the yarn back again, replace the slipped stitch, bring the yarn forward again and turn the work.
w&t = wrap & turn

Click here to download the pattern – Knitted Angel 

Thanks to Trustee, Christine Dyer (Studley Daytime WI) for sharing this pattern