Guidance on WIs creating and sending goody bags to members

Can WIs create and send goody bags to their members?
Yes. WIs can give nominal – small and relative – gifts to members such as goody bags that demonstrate their appreciation for their members, and aims to keep them connected to the WI. When determining what is ‘nominal’, WIs need to look at their income and their overall financial position.

As WIs have not been able to meet physically over the past few months, they may have subsequently made savings on hall hire, speaker and refreshment costs. Of course, many WIs have met online and thus have still incurred costs for virtual meeting platforms and speakers. Therefore, for those WIs who have the WI funds to do so, they are able to provide their members with goody bags.
As always, decisions about the use of WI funds must be agreed by the WI Committee after a consultation with the members. The WI Committee must agree and allocate a
certain amount of WI funds to provide goody bags and account for this on their account book as usual. WIs are able to use their WI funds to cover the cost of posting goody bags to members.

What can WIs put in the goody bags?
The contents of the goody bags should be relevant to the WI and can be used to further the charitable objects of the WI.
It is the decision of the WI what they wish to include in these bags. Here are some initial ideas to help WIs with this:
 Activities such as a quiz, word search or crossword. These may be about your
WI, local history, a local place or local issue.
 Items/information that link to local matters of importance.
 Items/information that link to the national WI campaigns. For example, sign up information about becoming a stem cell donor for the WI campaign Make a Match. Or information about attending cervical screening appointments for the WI campaign 5 Minutes That Matter. Or you could encourage members to Make Time for their Mental Health by including a tea bag and suggesting they make a cuppa and have some time to themselves.
 A craft, cookery or gardening project for members to have a go at. For example, something to make, bake or grow. For more ideas please see My WI.
 If your WI or federation has Climate Ambassadors, they may wish to include an action for WI members in goody bags.

Goody bags can also tie into WIs online meetings. For example, they may include a competition to write a poem about a certain topic. The poems can be read at their
online meeting and a winner decided by a select panel. Or if a speaker is unable to attend an online meeting, they may wish to provide some information which can be
included in the goody bag and then discussed at their next online meeting.

When preparing good bags please remember to be mindful of health and safety by washing your hands before and after packing the goody bags – thank you!

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