Thursday 13th June

I was so sorry to miss the George Elliott talk today at Federation House – well done Terry for organising it so well. I thought I had better start on the washing and ironing as we are off to Ardnamurchan in Scotland for a fortnight tomorrow. That’s the end of blogging until the end of June. Hope it stops raining soon!

Wednesday 12th June
OMG! Well done Warwickshire!
Not only has the lovely Lynne Stubbings been re-elected as National Chair BUT Jeryl Stone is now one pf the Vice Chairs! Wow! Astonishingly proud of them.

The Board had a night out tonight at Alladins, lots of cheering and celebrations all round! Not as it was planned as a celebration- rather just a chance to be sociable and not talk business all the time. Thanks Julia for organising a lovely evening. Lets not talk about driving home in a monsoon on the motorway though!

Tuesday 11th June
No way you can ever be bored at the Board meeting!
What a busy day, reviewed some pretty awful complaints and photos about “Fawlty Towers” and I have some pretty blistering comments to write in the formal complaint letter. Ouch! Fair enough though…..
Look out for the flyer for our very special Christmas Cracker with Paul Martin…. Pretty excited about that! We have done lots of plotting and planning for the future today so watch this space!!

Monday 10th June
Check, Check, Check.
It’s the Board meeting tomorrow I just need to check I have all the right info and the right documents AND in the right order! I would really have liked to go on the trip to Boughton House which was apparently absolutely brilliant!

Sunday 9th June
Had a super time this afternoon at Dosthill WI’s 75th Birthday party. It was great that Lynne Stubbings, our National Chair was able to be there too. Fabulous food, great company and a good time was had by all

Thursday 6th June
Phew! All the tickets for Winchester are in the post!
Sarah and Kathy have been brilliant getting all that sorted……. and all the paperwork for the Board meeting on Tuesday is on the website! All in all a very busy but productive week.

Wednesday 5th June
Fabulous Annual Meeting.
What an honour and privilege to be part of the Annual Meeting. It’s so lovely talking to like minded ladies from all over the country! Great debates on the campaigns – and overwhelming support for them both. Can’t wait to see how we can get the support for them going in Warwickshire! Really enjoyable day.
Great to meet Melissa Green, the new General Secretary

Loved seeing the wonderful Lynne Stubbings chair the meeting in fine style.
Fantastic to be able to support our very own Trustee and National Board Member Jeryl Stone

Tuesday 4th June
Look out Bournemouth!!
Sue Myhill and I drove down to Bournemouth late this afternoon as I had some family stuff to deal with which meant I couldn’t go on the coach. Good journey and lovely to see all our Warwickshire ladies in the hotel when we got there. The first person we spoke to said “ Welcome to Fawlty Towers” bit of a clue there. Not the best hotel I have ever stayed in but the company was great!

Monday 3rd June
Ready for Trustees!
Poor Sarah in the Office. I bet her heart sank when she saw about a dozen emails from me waiting in her inbox with all the stuff ready for the Trustees agenda! And then there was another lot about all the different coaches and sorting out for Winchester! Need to be super organised as we are all off to Bournemouth tomorrow for the National Annual Meeting.

Saturday 1st June
Paperwork Day
Spent some time today organising the agenda for the next Board Meeting and emailing Trustees and Sub-Committee members to ask if they would be prepared to be Coach Leaders when we go to Winchester! 14 coaches organised so far!