Your Board of Trustees have reviewed all the information and advice regarding the possible spread of Covid 19 and as we have a duty of care towards all of our members, it has been decided to postpone the following events.
Darts Competition – preliminary matches
Watercolour Art Workshop – 4th April
IPad Workshop – 16th April
Instagram Workshop – 16th & 29th April
Speakers Showcase – 20th April
Rev Richard Coles Lunch – 22nd April
English Paper Piece Patchwork – 25th April
Resolution Briefing – 27th April
Serious Science Talk – 28th April
VE Day Celebration – 1st May
Burghley House – 11th May
Poetry Morning – 14th May
Tastes of Italy – 18th May
Photography Workshop – 20th May
Pomp & Ceremony – 28th May
The list of events not going ahead will also be sent to WIs with the mailing we are posting out on 26th March together with further details of how we are dealing with this situation.
We will as ever keep you all informed of any changes or new developments.
In order to ensure that everyone due to attend the above events is informed, we are requesting your assistance to filter this information down to your members as soon as possible please.
Please do not hesitate to telephone/email the Federation Office or your Link Trustee if you have any questions or comments about this decision.
Thank you, as always for your support
With very best wishes
Anne Bufton-McCoy
Chair WFWI