Sat 16th January
Ready for the Extraordinary Board meeting on Monday
The Board have to discuss the votes made by our WIs on the proposed Constitutional changes.  Julia has been adding votes to the spreadsheet as they arrive by email and I have sorted out the agenda so we are all ready to rock and roll!
Julia Baker

Friday 15th January
Chat with the Chair Great to talk to a dozen members from all over the county this morning.  We had a great exchange of ideas – particularly about zoom speakers.  Really interesting!  We have several more sessions planned for February.  Do join us if you can!

Then I was very sad to say goodbye to one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Tony from my dad’s allotment – lost to Covid.

Thursday 14th January
Check in with the Chair…..
First video of 2021  – how to play WI Bingo!  It’s getting harder to find topics to make a video about but I have said I will keep going!  Happy days.

Sarah is feeling better !!
Had a lovely conversation with Sarah today and I am pleased to report that she is feeling much better. She has been really quite poorly and we are all delighted that she is over the worst.

Wednesday 13th January
Planning for Presidents Day Meetings
We have fourteen meetings on Zoom scheduled over the next couple of weeks- we like to consult with all of our WI officers from time to time and keep them up to date with what is happening in the Federation!   Got the agenda and meeting plan sorted today….. ooooh and we finished another jigsaw!!

Tuesday 12th January
Board of Trustees Meeting
Well, if you join the Board there is one thing that is absolutely certain….. you will NEVER be bored!  Goodness me, we powered through some business today- making plans, postponing things in February and March and making more plans.!  It will all be fine in the end !

Monday 11th January
Resolutions Briefings
Anita and Gillian did a great job today of briefing our members on the proposed Resolutions for the National Meeting.  The winning Resolution will be fully debated by all WIs across the country before being voted on.  If the Resolution is passed then it will be the focus of our next big campaign.

Gillian Crisp

Saturday 9th January
Preparations for Board on Tuesday
Well, I had a great plan for today- sort out all the paperwork ready for Tuesday THEN a forty pound box of Seville Oranges arrived!  Marmalade season is upon us ….Yeah!

Might have to finish the paperwork tomorrow……

Thursday 7th January
Ready for the Board Meeting on Tuesday??????   Ha Ha!
Just realising how much preparatory work Sarah does.  Just about got the Agenda and minutes sorted.  Have answered lots of calls from our members which is a great opportunity for a chat but I hadn’t realised how many small bits of information you need to make the office and Federation run efficiently!

Wednesday 6th January
Indian Cookery…… yum!
Interesting cookery demonstration on Zoom tonight with Anne Marie Lambert.   All looked very tasty indeed.

Tuesday 5th January
Office and Finance meeting
Well, that’s the end of the Christmas break then….. Sue Myhill , Federation treasurer was back on a roll this morning!  Julia, Sue and I discussed all kinds of recommendations for the Federation finances- we have to be prepared for the Board meeting next Tuesday when we may well be making some decisions about the next three months!

Monday 4th January
Oh Dear!
Sarah isn’t at all well so I will be answering the phones whilst Kathy handles all the emails and keeps the wheels turning!   I’ve got the Office phone transferred to my mobile.  Wish me luck!

Newsletter and Journaling….
Wrote the first Newsletter of 2021  to our members today. Looks like the weekly Newsletter is here to stay for the moment.  The talk on Journalling with Jackie Summerfield was excellent tonight. The ladies really enjoyed it.

Sunday 3rd January
Office Closure
Sad to say that we have decided to close the Federation Office once again to comply with the Tier Four Restrictions.  Sarah and Kathy will be working from home and will still answer telephone and email queries.

As my Gran used to say-“ the sun will go on rising and setting , no matter what happens.” And we are all determined that we will keep the Federation going… NO MATTER WHAT!

Saturday 2nd January
Primroses of Hope

Had a lot of comments and likes for my picture of the brave little primrose in the snow- a bit like us WI members – we keep on  shining no matter what life throws at us!

Friday 1st January 2021.
Happy New Year!
Looking forward to a year of fab fun in the garden and hopefully getting back to some semblance of normality.