Saturday 31st July
Memories of a happy day ….

It was a no WI day today as it was our Wedding Anniversary!  Well, it was until the phone calls about changes to Windsor started coming in!

Friday 30th  July
Windsor….. all change please.
We are looking forward to Monday but it’s proving a bit of a headache as people keep getting “pinged”

Have had to do quite a bit of juggling with the Coach leaders and such as changes came in. Then DISASTER struck – the lovely Sue Myhill has got Shingles.  Can’t be a Coach leader but she says she can still manage the treasurer’s job … WHEW!!

Wednesday 28th July
The new Warwickshire WIs Book Club
Met online tonight and a good time was had by all.  The group is going to meet bi-monthly and have some very exciting plans afoot.!  Why not join them next time? . The next meeting is on Tuesday 28th Sept at 7.30pm and the first book is “The Other Bennett Sister” by Janice Hadlow.  All you need to do is email Sarah and she will send you the link

Tuesday 27th July
Officers Meeting and then Excitement at LA!
The Officers had a quick meeting today to discuss various issues and queries which are coming in as the WIs resume live meetings.

The Leisure Activities Committee was full of exciting plans for the future and we are all looking forward to some great live like the Treasurer Hunt in Southam (6th) and the Fitness Day planned for Sept (8th).
Have a look at the What’s On page to see everything we have on offer for you

Monday 26th July
Barford Group Picnic
What a lovely time we all had in the sunshine at Norton Lindsey earlier today.

All of the WIs in the Barford Group were present and I was particularly please to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Group.

Glynis and I also went to Johnson’s en-route to check out that everything is in place for next Monday and the big Windsor Trip.

Sunday 25th July
Another fun packed week beckons……
Ready for the Barford Group Picnic on Monday?  Yep.
Ready for the Finalise the details for Windsor meeting with Johnsons? Yep
Is the Office phone transferred over to me as Sarah has a couple of days holiday? Yep
Ready for the Office and Finance Meeting?  Yep
Ready for the Leisure Activities meeting?  Yep
Happy days all round then!

Saturday 24th July
Roses, roses, roses.
Happy to spend today on the allotment with my dad, he has grown some fabulous roses this year AND they were only £3 a bush off the market a couple of years ago so we are doubly blessed!

Friday 23rd July
Lunch with the Public Affairs Committee
What a great idea this was…. masterminded by Sheila King we met up for lunch and a jolly good catch up. It was so lovely to be able to see and hear everyone without resorting to the usual Zoom etiquette. You know, “I can see you but I can’t hear you” scenario!

Thursday 22nd July
What a lovely Afternoon….
I was delighted to be invited to a Tea party with Bulkington WI this afternoon. The members had worked very hard to provide a splendid array of cakes and tea!

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves.  I was also very touched to be invited to open the Community Garden which the WI has developed- a beautiful area, complete with our Warwickshire Centenary Oak Tree which is growing very nicely! (

Wednesday 21st July
Its just too hot!
I just wanted to lie in the stream in our garden today and  try to cool off!

Sarah, Glynis and I have met (on Zoom, of course) to finalise the last details for Windsor. Looks like some 300 members and friends are talking part.  Brilliant news!

Tuesday 20th July
Happy days!
The tomatoes are ripening in the greenhouse and the M&P meeting today covered a lot of ground! Pleased to hear that we have kept most of our members which is really good news!

Monday 19th July
Fused Glass and Blackcurrants!
I couldn’t do the Fused Glass Zoom tonight as I was speaking to a WI elsewhere in England on Zoom.  Sue Myhill reckons it was absolutely brilliant! I was picking blackcurrants all day (well, it felt like that although I did have a couple of Zoom meetings in between).  Lots of questions and chasing up about the Windsor trip now. Only two weeks to go!

Sun 18th July
Had a day off WI stuff today
And raised some money for the Dalmatian sanctuary we had Cooper from by doing a Car Boot sale. Made £82 out of a few bits we no longer needed or wanted!

Saturday 17th July
Insurance, meetings prep and Runner beans!
Trying to get ready for next week early!  Got some questions to run past the Insurers on Monday, prep for Windsor meeting and M&P on Tuesday not to mention crossing my fingers that the Stand Up Paddle boarding went off ok ( which it did!)

Meanwhile it was another beautiful day! The Runner beans are looking fabulous! ( pic on insta)

Friday 16th July
Scam emailer!
Had a very interesting day today.  Someone had scammed my email and had contacted the trustees and some WI friends asking for urgent help!   Although a total pain I was very touched by the number of people who got in touch to check I was ok!

Thursday 15th July
Look Out Windsor!
Great meeting with Sarah and Glyn this morning to discuss and sort plans for the Grand day Out on August 2nd.  We have over 250 participants now and the closing date has been extended to 22nd July. So do come and bring your friends.  Full details on our website.  I must admit to getting a bit excited when I booked my Windsor Castle ticket on-line earlier!

Wednesday 14th July
Gosh, its warming up!
Picked 12 pounds of blackcurrants this afternoon but decided that discretion was the better part of valour and froze them for later.  I couldn’t face boiling jam when I was already boiled!  Ox -eye daisies are particularly good this year.

Tuesday 13th July
Great Board Meeting
Really busy Board meeting today as we began the process of approving a range of live events for the next few months.  Delighted to report that the great majority of Warwickshire members have renewed their membership and we are looking forwards to a great year!

Monday 12th July
Make and Bake Heaven .
Sue Myhill did the sewing and I made the puddings. It was lovely to have a good old chat with lots of our members this afternoon.  I was able to use fruit from the garden to make Cranachan and Chocolate surprises

Sunday 11th July
Ready or not! …
Picked gooseberries?  Yep
Ready for Office and Finance meeting in the morning?  Yep
Watched the Wimbledon Final?  Yep
Done the WI Blog well, nearly…….
Ready for The Makes and Bakes Demo ?  …. Sort of
Ready for Trustees on Tuesday?  Well, I have sent out the Zoom invite!
Ready for the England v Italy Final?    You bet

Saturday 10th July
The turning of the year……
When I walked Cooper early this morning it was a salutioryn reminder that the year is rolling on – the wheat is turning colour and the strawberries are ripening in a right old rush. Whilst making the strawberry jam I made a plan for my summer cooking demo on Monday afternoon! Nothing like a bit of multi- tasking!

Friday 9th July
Look Out Windsor…..
Had a great catch up with Wendy from Johnsons today about our Day Out.  She is sooooo very enthusiastic- it’s bound to be a success!

Thursday 8th July
Comic Verse!
What an enjoyable morning we had with the Poetry Group on-line.  Jane Waters did a sterling job of keeping us all organised and we had such a lovely tome rehearsing all those lovely comic favourites!  Here’s my contribution!

Wednesday 7th July
Board of Trustees next week…..
Spent a couple of hours sorting out the agenda and paperwork ready for Board next Tuesday.  It’s a much busier agenda now that we are getting back to organising live events!
Ooooo! Blimey, then Sue Myhill rang me to discuss what we are doing on Zoom next Monday afternoon when we do our FREE Makes and Bakes session!
Blimey, better get organised pronto!

Tuesday 6th July
Out in the midday sun!
When I saw a blackbird with a string of redcurrants hopping across the lawn, I realised that I had been a bit complacent about the fruit!   Three colanders full of redcurrants later I thought I had better get the jelly bag and stand out of storage

Once I had set the jelly to drip overnight it was time for a quick Zoom meeting with two of our newer Trustees

We were discussing our plans for the Grand day Out to Windsor on August 2nd.  We now have over 200 members going! And Johnsons are happy to extend the closing date so do sign up as soon as you can if you would like to go!

Monday 5th July
Back to normal…..
Lots if WI bits and pieces today.  First of all, a catch up with Sarah in the Office and then with Sue, our Federation Treasurer. Now it feels like I have never been away.  It was lovely to receive several invitations from WIs to catch up with them as they begin to plan for their first live meetings- many of them outdoors!
Then what an interesting Zoom we had with author Graham Sloper who kept us well entertained with his stories and advice on writing.  The hour just flew by!

Sunday 4th July
Back home and Thank You Sunday
It’s lovely to be away and lovely to be home.  Just getting ready for a busy WI week with quite a few meetings and Zooms. Had some really good responses to my social media posts on Thank You Sunday where I thanked all our Trustees, Sub- Committee members and everyone across the county who keep our WIs going!