Saturday 12th June
Just enjoying the day…
Not a WI day today but somehow everything comes back to the WI doesn’t it?   Walked Cooper down the lanes this morning, the wild  honeysuckle  was absolutely alive with bees and I must say that walking in a honeysuckle breeze is a matchless experience.  Picked up some litter while we were at it and later helped Dad at the allotment (no pesticides allowed here!) and took our own bags to the farm shop for some veg!   I’m sure that there’s a WI Resolution behind almost every action we take these days!

Friday 11th June
Chat with the Chair
How lovely to chat with members across the county on Zoom this afternoon…. It seems like we have all made a new group of friends over lockdown.  As Ray says “How very WI is that!?”

Thursday 10th June
More Jane Austen..
What an interesting and informative talk we had tonight on Zoom.  David Richardson  from the Jane Austen society returned to talk to us about Pride and Prejudice.  Fascinating insight. Many thanks to Trustee Fiona Riley for organising this for us to enjoy.

Great news!
Jeryl Stone, former Warwickshire Trustee and member of Hampton Lucy and Charlecote WI has been voted in as National Treasurer!. Congratulations, Jeryl. We all know you will do a fabulous job.

Tuesday 8th June
What a triumph! The National Annual Meeting was. Three top notch speakers and Lynne did us all proud in her final speeches! All of the comments on social media demonstrated how much her work as NFWI Chair has been valued  right across the country. Well done , Lynne.  A great advert for everything which is good about our organisation.

Monday 7th June
What an interesting talk…
The talk on Hearing Loss by RNID was absolutely super.  It was particularly informative for those people lucky enough to have good hearing.  The speaker communicated completely by signing and his words were translated for us by an interpreter.  We all had several opportunities to try to lip read and this really reinforced the difficulties people with hearing loss encounter all of the time.  I would really recommend this talk to all of our WIs.

Sunday 6th June
Ready for next week?
No Warwickshire meetings as it’s the National Annual meeting on Tuesday!  Lots of Zooms though  RNID on Monday, more Jane Austen on Thursday and Chat with the Chair on Friday!

Friday 4th June
Final Day of Open gardens
Had a grand count up tonight and we made a whopping £750!  Happy days!

Thursday 3rd June
Looking forward to Tuesday
Have received all the paperwork and instructions for the Annual Meeting on Tuesday.  It should be very interesting. There are some great speakers and of course, the meeting will be led by our very own Lynne Stubbings.

Wednesday 2nd June
Hot or what?
Still having visitors to my Open Garden –  Cooper (our new rescue Dalmatian) thinks all the visitors have just come to see him! Here he is at the end of the day- exhausted with all that tail wagging!

Tuesday 1st June
No chance of being Bored at a Board Meeting!
Well, it might have been on Zoom but we had a very productive meeting today – lots of planning for future events and getting ourselves organised!  We have several larger events in the pipeline including a lunch with Rev Richard Coles, whose book The Madness of Grief is a best seller!

Then in the evening I zoomed off to talk to the lovely ladies at Henley WI and had a great chat!