Sunday 21 June.
Longest day today!
Can you believe I just said that? No, me neither!
Now I have finished the Blog I am off to sort out the greenhouse. Watering and feeding the tomatoes and cucumbers. Lovely Stuff!

Friday 19th June
Afterzoom tea with Newton Regis WI
It’s always lovely to meet up with the gang on a Friday afternoon. We have planned our 2.6 Challenge and are going to walk 2.6 miles each (at a social distance, of course) on our meeting night on July 2nd. Hoping to raise a goodly sum for St Giles Hospice.

Thursday 18th June
Check in with the Chair day
Can’t believe that was video no 13! I am going to have to give Ray a medal when this Lockdown is finally over! AND my sweet peas are coming into bloom. Love them!

Wednesday 17th June
More ZOOM news …..
The lovely Sarah has been extremely busy organising a short series of ZOOM events for our members. The next one on the plan will be a talk by Terry Barker, former trustee and current member of Creative Activities. She will be regaling us all with tales from Her Life as a BBC Script Editor. Should be absolutely fascinating. Do join us on 29th June!

Tuesday 16th June
Sub- Committee Day.
Lovely to see the ladies from Membership & Promotions and Leisure Activities on-line this morning. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that events planned for September will be able to go ahead!
Another success…. Dianne texted me to tell me she had made a variation on the Women Reaching Women Biscuits from the last Check in with The Chair video. They look absolutely great

Cheers me up no end when I get some feedback!

Monday 15th June
ZOOMing here and there!
Had some great fun today. The Silver Sentiments Talk on ZOOM for next Monday evening is causing some excitement around the county… I had a lovely chat to a couple of our members who wanted to have a practice on Zoom before they get to the big event! Lovely to catch up with friends across the Federation.


Sunday 14th June
Another week gone!
Blog done? Check  well almost!)
Newsletter done? Check
Ready for sub-committees on Tuesday ? Check

Friday 12th June
Lovely to see my WI friends.
Every Friday at 3.30pm, my WI meet on ZOOM for a cuppa and a catch up. Its so lovely to see everyone !

Thursday 11th June
Check in with the Chair No 11!
Can’t believe I am still doing these videos , I decided to do our Women Reaching Women biscuits- which are always popular at every big event we do for Public Affairs! Ray was in seventh heaven because I usually only give him one of the broken ones when we have an event!

Ray says when we do the very last one its going to be a compilation of all the things which went wrong in the filming…. Barking dogs, the doorbell, thunderstorm etc !
Also met with the Officers later today to start trying to work out what we might do at the AFM!

Wednesday 10th June.
Blimey Sarah has been quick off the mark!
Sarah has organised our first Federation Zoom Event – a free online event with Silver Sentiments! Look out for details in your in box

Tuesday 9th June
Every day a new way to keep the Federation Virtual!
Interesting Board meeting today. We have decided to make the August Federation Show as Virtual one under the current circumstances! We think it’s worth a go since the competitions Sarah has ben running on line have been so successful. We are also trying to plan the next AFM which isn’t until April 28th but there’s still a fair bit to do!
We are also going to try running some events on ZOOM- some will be free and some will have a small charge…. Watch this space!

Monday 8th June
Ready for Board meeting tomorrow
As usual I just like to have checked all the paperwork and make sure we have everything ready for the meeting. It’s hard to keep to time when you are trying to sort major stuff for the future in an hour flat!

Sunday 7th June
Newsletter sorted….
In our never ending quest to keep in touch with as many members as possible I have just completed this week’s newsletter. It’s been really lovely to hear from members that they appreciate our efforts. Cant wait for things to become a little more “normal” so that we can meet up with members!

Friday 5th June
2.6 Challenge News.
My own WI had a great meeting on Zoom this afternoon and over a cuppa we finalised our plan to walk 26 miles to raise funds for St Giles Hospice. Ten of us are walking 2.6 miles each on the evening of 2nd July which should have been our meeting night in Newton Regis Village Hall. .

Thursday 4th June
How lovely to see Lynne in the media as today should have been our big Annual Meeting at the Albert Hall. I did enjoy singing Jerusalem at the right time though!
Got all the paperwork ready for the Board meeting on Tuesday.

Wednesday 3rd June
Check in with the Chair…
Ray has been absolutely great over the last months , filming my little videos every week on the iphone. He never moans even when I make a mistake and have to start again, mind you he did sigh when the dog next door started barking at the postman when we were on the fifth attempt!

Tuesday 2nd June
Creative Activities and Public Affairs meetings
Great to see everyone this morning- Creative Activities have loads of interesting and exciting events in the pipeline for you all to enjoy, whilst the Public Affairs Committee are working hard on how we might support the new campaigns.

Monday 1st June
AFM 2021
Had a really interesting call on Zoom today with the lovely people from Dallas Burston. We agreed to move the AFM booking on into 2021 and it looks like the date will be Wednesday 28th April- so do pencil it into your diaries!

Then I joined Chairs from across the country on Zoom for a National Council update session- which was very interesting. It’s nice to see Lynne leading a huge meeting!