To be staged at Warwickshire WIs Annual Federation Meeting
on Monday 30th March 2020 at The IXL Centre, Dallas Burston.

The challenge is to make a repurposed article using an item of clothing.
Your entry will be judged on Creative Interpretation and Usefulness. The judge will be looking for the use of various features of the original item, e.g. collar, cuff, button band etc.  A photo of the original item must be displayed.

Tables are available for staging.
If you wish to bring a mannequin, please state on entry form.
This competition is open to all WIs in WFWI

• One entry per WI. Entry fee £5. (All costs should be met by your WI).
• Staging to take place by no more than two members from 8am on the morning of the AFM,
and must be completed by 9am, when judging will take place.
• Judging will be by a NFWI Craft Judge in accordance with On with The Show (revised edition 2012)
which is available on MyWI.
• The winner will be announced during the morning meeting when the presentation of the
Lane Cup will take place.
• Exhibits will be available for viewing during lunch time and must be collected at the end of the day
before 4.45pm.

Why not have your own competition within your WI to choose your entry? Ask you WI Secretary for details on how your WI can enter