Monday 30th August
Thank You!
What a beautiful Thank You card from the ladies of Grendon WI

Sunday 29th August
A Strange co-incidence …..
I had a call on Friday asking if a group of walkers could stop off at the village church for a loo break today.  I said yes but they would have to come here as the church doesn’t have any facilities.  It turned out that they are a group of Young Christians walking in a relay from G7 in Cornwall to COP 26 in Glasgow (in November)  They were lovely and were absolutely thrilled to be given  the No More Loopholes bracelets . How strange it is when life conspires to make everything come together!

Saturday 28th August
Cooper sets a record!
Most of you know about Cooper, our rescue Dalmatian.  We have been selling jam and pickle from a box on the end of the drive to raise funds for the Rescue.  We made £102 .
Dead chuffed with that.

Friday 27th August
No More Loopholes!
This afternoon I was delighted to welcome some of our Public Affairs Committee to my garden.  We have been threatening to do this for ages!  The lovely Sue Gill (Stockton WI) brought some wonderful No More Loopholes bracelets – they are to remind people to lobby for COP26 in November to push for all governments to close the loopholes with regard to our commitment to climate change.

Thursday 26th August
This is what best friends are for…….
In between doing sixteen calls on Zoom to discuss matters regarding with Insurance and worrying about my Dad, there has been a little spot of sheer joy.  My best friend in Cornwall sent me the most lovely flowers

Wednesday 25th August
Letters to Loved Ones…
My dad has been in hospital for a few days now and its been a very worrying time as there is no visiting and the Wards are very busy so difficult to get in touch by phone.  Thank goodness for the Letters to Loved Ones Service which enables you to ring and leave a message or email a letter in , wonderful volunteers deliver the messages and can even arrange for a telephone call to be facilitated.  Do tell everyone about this wonderful service  I swear it has saved my sanity this week.

Tuesday 24th August
Busy day for Committees today.
Spent most of the day on Zoom – lovely to see members of both the Public Affairs and Creative Activities Committees – we had a great time planning for the future! Well done, ladies.

Monday 23rd August
More Tea, Cake, Coffee and Chat
This afternoon saw members of Mancetter, Kingsbury and Grendon WIs descend on the garden for a good old catch up! We had a lovely afternoon chatting in the sunshine!

Sunday 22nd August
Summer in Seckington……
Made my favourite jam today.   Everything home grown except the sugar!

Saturday 21st August
Got my Certificate! Yeah!
As it was wet and horrible, I thought I would just renew my Food Safely and Hygiene Certificate. I have been going to do it for weeks.  Of course, the beauty of doing it on-line is that you can just get on with it whenever you please!  Dead pleased to have passed!

Friday 20th August
Tea, Cake, Coffee and Chat
This afternoon saw members of Austrey, Warton and Dosthill WIs visiting for a good old catch up in the garden.  They are some of our Polesworth Group and we usually have one great big get together in the summer- this year we are split into two because of the Pandemic and trying to keep numbers down.  I have to report that a good time was had by all!

Thursday 19th August
Great to see….
So many members of my very own WI this afternoon – we usually have a Newton Regis WI Afternoon Tea in the garden and it went really well. Everyone is genuinely delighted to see all their friends. Smashing!

Wednesday 18th August
Better tidy up the garden then!
Having some WI visitors over the next few days so I am very pleased with my begonias- perhaps they won’t notice all the weeds!!

Tuesday 17th August
Great to see…..
So many friendly faces on our three Insurance Zooms today.  Our WI officers work really hard for the benefit of their members and communities. It was lovely to see them all and have a catch up. I am very grateful to Sue Myhill and Sue Postlethwaite for all their hard work and support with this.

Monday 16th August
It might have been on Zoom but we still got a lot done!
It was great to welcome Marina Kitchen (Nuneaton Acorns WI) to our M&P meeting tonight. We worked through quite a lot of planning ready for when all of our WIs resume their monthly meetings in September!

Sunday 15th August
Right then…….
Ready for M&P on Monday .
Ready for the first six Insurance meetings.
Cake made for WI visits at the end of the week.
Refilled the Cooper Sales Box.
All done. Going for a nice walk with Cooper now……. Not that the sheep were over impressed!!

Friday 13th August
Drinks and Desserts!
Had a splendid evening with Hampton Lucy and Charlecote WI tonight. Super to see everyone and very impressed to watch the President, the lovely Jane Whyatt being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation!

Thursday 12th August
Insurance and Hollyhocks….
The Officers and I have been working behind the scenes on the Federation Insurance for several weeks now.  We finished planning our presentations to WI officers.  OOOOO 16 meetings in the next fortnight! Can’t wait! Thank goodness for the beautiful hollyhocks around the garden! Watching the bees keeps me sane!

Wednesday 11th August
Courgette and Chilli Pickle Day.
Well, I had to do something with all those pesky courgettes which have definitely grown overnight!

Tuesday 10th August
Can’t stop smiling!
How lovely it was to see all the Trustees for a LIVE Board meeting this morning. We got loads done and then went off for a socially distanced pub lunch!  Superb!

Then what a treat I went just over the border into Leicestershire to talk to Witherley WI tonight. Nattered on about my book AND I met Melanie , who I haven’t seen for about thirty years!!! Her Mum and mine were great friends. It was BRILLIANT to have a catch up!

Monday 9th August
If there is one thing we WI members are good at……
It’s fundraising!  I have decided to sell some preserves in a box on the end of my drive ( again!) to raise money to help feed the thirty rescued dalmatians currently in care at the home where we had the lovely Cooper from.

Sunday 8th August
Ready Steady Go!
Its our first LIVE Board meeting on Tuesday since I don’t know when!  Just got to check all the paperwork and make sure I am all ready!   Happy days!   It will be lovely to see everyone!  Had a lovely surprise this morning when some lovely flowers were delivered from the Ladies of Shrewley WI, as a thank you for stepping in as Speaker on Thursday

Saturday 7th August
I’m in a right pickle!
Found loads of gherkins under all the foliage in the garden today so am having a day off WI stuff and setting about pickling!

Friday 6th August
Cooper’s cushion.
Sue Myhill is an out and out genius!  No doubt about it.  She has made me the most fantastic cushion featuring a picture of Cooper, our rescued Dalmatian.  I am absolutely awestruck at her skills!

Thursday 5th August
An unexpected turn at the Shrewley WI Lunch
It was lovely to see almost all of the members of Shrewley WI today at their Summer Lunch.

I was saddened to hear that Kath Ryan (AKA The Cake lady) has been really unwell and she was unable to come along to speak. So after a truly splendid lunch I tried to fill the gap by rabbiting on about my book.

Think they enjoyed it!

Wednesday 4th August
Paperwork and Polesworth Abbey…
Quite a lot of paperwork got done today as it is Board of Trustees next week!  Have just had an absolutely splendid evening out with members of my own WI, Newton Regis.  We had a tour of Polesworth Abbey and Gardens, which were fabulous in the evening sunshine. Really enjoyed the Fish and Chip Supper and a good old natter too!

Tuesday 3rd August
Spent the day recovering quietly and thanking everyone who had helped us with yesterday…. Oooh, and talking to Wendy from Johnsons about the possibility of a Day Out in London!

Monday 2nd August
Wonderful Windsor!
What a fantastic day out we all had!  Nine coaches full of members and friends who were simply delighted to be together!   It was lovely to receive a personal welcome from John Johnson upon our arrival and everyone had a great time doing their own thing. Windsor Castle, shopping, boat trips, walking tours – you name it someone did it!   My thanks to all the Coach leaders and their Deputies who helped to mange the day so well and especial thanks to Jan Wade , who manned the emergency phones for us , just in case!

Sunday 1st August
Looking forward to tomorrow
Got all the coach lists sorted (well, I jolly well hope so)  and packed my bag ready.
I am ready for a GRAND DAY OUT!!