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Name – Jennifer Rigby 
Email –
Tel – 07753 684401

Title or subject of talk –
‘Shakespeare and Me’ an anecdotal talk describing my relationship with The Bard, including extracts from his plays and sonnets.
‘The Life of a 21st Century Actress’ an anecdotal talk about my career highs and lows!
‘Albert, Worms and George, Don’t do that!’ – featuring some of the great comedy monologues of days gone by.
Fee – £25

Name – Howard Slater
Email –
Tel – 07453532852
Title or subject of talk – Various eg “East End of London”, “Audrey Hepburn & her war years”, “Glen Miller” please contact Howard for the full list.
Fee – £60

Name – Hannah Thompson at The Stitching Kitchen 
Email – 
Tel – 01280 469 724
Title or subject of talk – Indian Block Printing: talk and demo / Rag Rugs: talk and demo
Fee – £30

Name – Liz Doyle – Positive Change Coach   
Email –
Tel – 07446 116461
Title or subject of talk – I can do different exercises which can be interactive (which is helpful on zoom) – within the subject of self love and self worth – eg, Inner Child; Mirror Work; What do you deserve?
Fee – £30 donation to charity

Name – Lorna Hulme – All About The Sew
Email –  
Tel – 07963 734756
Title or subject of talk – How to make a fabric bottle bag in time for Christmas (lots of other demos available)
Fee – £to be agreed with speaker 

Name – Lucy Morgans – Travel Counsellor
Email –
Tel – 07810 557237
Title or subject of talk – The changes and Dramas of over 30 years working in the Travel industry.
This year I have celebrated working in the travel industry for 32 years. During this time I have seen a great deal of changes & dramas! – including of course this year with the effects of COVID19 on my beloved customers’ holidays.  Over the years,  I have travelled a great deal, this talk will whisk you off to some of these far-away places, whilst I will also discuss how things have changed for travel-agents working on the high street, and my experiences which have spun over 3 decades. My talk has been received extremely well with other WI Groups, so I do hope that you will enjoy listening to what I have to say!
Fee – £to be agreed with speaker 

Name – Jane Barnes
Email –  
Tel – 07854 651580
Title or subject of talk – ‘Tales From a Dairy Farmers Wife’ All about life on the family’s new dairy farm near Melton Mowbray. All the milk produced is made into Blue Stilton cheese at Long Clawson Dairy.  Amusing tales and real life anecdotes of farm life, family life and farmyard adventures
Fee – £50

Name – Andy Thomas
Email –
Tel – 07771 712960 / 01342 826243
Title or subject of talk – History & Mystery Talks.  I have six talks available.  Details can all be found at

Name – Christine Ramsey
Email –
Title or subject of talk – Various titles are available but I have a series entitled “Home Grown” available specially adapted for Zoom. The three which are proving seasonally popular now are:-
How to dry flowers
Eco friendly flower arranging
A simple posy.
Fee – £65


Name – Vicky Farmer
Email –
Tel – 07790 594940
Title or subject of talk – A Day in the Life of a Quiz Show Contestant – Tales of my experiences as a TV Quiz Show contestant over the last 25 years, including what really goes on in the studio and top tips on how to apply for a show.

Fee – £45

Name – Veronica Hewins
Email –
Tel – 07805 667804
Title or subject of talk – Indian Cookery Demonstrations on two delicious South Indian dishes, Bangalore style chicken curry and cauliflower and potato vegetarian option along with information on Healing properties on spices.

Story of life Growing up in India consisting of 1 hour
Fee – £65 negotiable

Name – John Vigar 
Email –   
Tel – 07962 368062 
Title or subject of talk –
Bedrooms, Banquets and Balls – The hidden secrets of the architecture of the English Country House

Leave no stone unturned – The lives and burial places of the famous and infamous
Britain with Betjeman – English architecture as seen through the eyes of our Poet Laureate
The Church’s Restoration – How our old churches were rebuilt in the nineteenth century
Churches in Retirement – The work of the Churches Conservation Trust & Friends of the Friendless Churches
Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English Churches – Fascinating stories including adult content.
For Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals – Our Christian rites of passage as displayed in Anglican churches
Crenels and Merlons – A thousand years of buildings with battlements
Superior Seats – The remarkable story of Church seating
Treasures in Norfolk Churches – from glass to monuments and carving
Fee – £60

Name – Liz Dixon
Email –
Tel – 01327 261290 / 07966 406187
Title or subject of talk – Textile Art, but not as you know it! Turning recycled textiles into garden sculpture & more..
Fee – £75

Name – Louise Talbot 
Email –
Tel – 07795 436 707
Title or subject of talk – “How do you make cheese?”
Fee – £50 for 45 minute talk with Q&A 

Name – Janice Crompton-Brough
Email –  
Tel – 07566 235577
Title or subject of talk – The Power of Laughter!  During this fun, interactive session together we will explore why laughter is the best medicine; how you can use laughter to lower stress and boost your immune response; create positive mental health and feel great – all over!
Fee – 50







Name – Sue Burton
Tel – 07773 027243
Email –
Title or subject of talk –
Fee – £40

Name – Wright Hassall
Email –
Tel – 07748591834
Title or subject of talk – We can provide speakers (lawyers) to discuss a wide range of topics with members. For example, in our private client team we can do talks on Wills, LPA’s, Powers of Attorney, Court Of Protection, Care Fees and funding, Probate, The Role of an Executor ect but can tailor this to suit the requirements of the audience
Fee – £tbc

Name – Julia Mitchell – Hatton Tai Ch
Email – 
Tel – 07795 498949
Title or subject of talk – An introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong’ – Discover how to boost your immune system, improve your balance & strength, achieve a feeling of tranquillity & harmony. Talk & opportunity to take part (seated or standing)
Fee – £55

Name : Mike James
Email address : 
Tel number : 07956 877268
Title or subject of your talk : Food Heroes of Bath – Virtual Tour!
Speakers fee : £85

Name : Clare Pooley 
Email address : 
Tel number : 07767 297962
Title or subject of your talk : How my battle with alcohol addiction led to a new career as a novelist in my fifties.
Speakers fee (if applicable): £75

Name : John Johnson
Email address :
Tel number : 01564 797056
Title or subject of your talk : Johnsons Coaches Family History
Speakers fee: £30-40 donation towards our charity of the year

Name : Get Cooking! (Anne-Marie Lambert)
Email address :
Tel number : 07956 955 951 
Title or subject of your talk : Open to whatever you would like demonstrated or a cook along too.  A popular talk is
“Curry in a hurry using store cupboard ingredients and includes making chapatis, Vegan pancakes showing how to make the most of seasonal ingredients.”
Speakers fee: £65

Name : Julie Howard
Email address :
Tel number : 07760 185017 or 01926 843223
Title or subject of your talk :  Aotearoa, The Land of the Long White Cloud – a journey around New Zealand 2. From Cape Horn to the Atacama – travels in Argentina and Chile.
Speakers fee: donation to ACWW (Preferably minimum of £25, but more for large WIs)

Name – Barbara Lawson-Reay
Email –
Tel – 01492 582185

Title or subject of talk – A free talk on the founder members of the WI
Fee – £0

Name – Frances Carlaw
Email –
Tel – 07710 031567

Title or subject of talk – The Origins of Pearls, A Passion for Pearls, Pearls of Wisdom, Art Deco in Buckles & Beads
NB: The talks are all approx. 45 mins + Q&A but can be combined for longer presentations – Frances is flexible, so do discuss with her exactly what you would like her to do!

Name – Ruth Jewell
Email –
Tel – 07751 876807

Title or subject of talk – My talk is called Celebrant, Celebrations and Rules….What Rules? I give an insight into my work, encourage people to think about what they would like for their own service, when the time comes, and it is all done with a sprinkle of fun and laughter.
Fee – £25

Name – Richard Rickitt
Email –
Title or subject of talk – Introducing the Amazing Honey Bee /  Gardening for Bees
Fee – £60

Name – Jane Lappage
Email –
Tel – 07818 250605
Title or subject of talk – Anything to do with calligraphy – demo or talk. Modern or classic scripts and Gold leaf
Fee – £40

Name – Chris Pearce
Email –
Tel – 07910 204161
Title or subject of talk – Floral art and design- workshops or demonstrations on flower arranging. Seasonal designs. Using garden plant materials for flower arranging

Fee – £100 

Name – Pat Lumsdale 
Email –
Title or subject of talk –
Patchwork – hints, tips and equipment for starting machine patchwork

Patchwork – Quilt as you Go Strip patchwork mini bag
Patchwork – Quilt as you Go Simple Strip Patchwork Quilt
Patchwork – Half Square Triangle quilt
Patchwork – Secret Garden Pin Cushion
Fee – £100 

Name – Christine Green 
Email –
Tel – 01865 872820
Title or subject of talk –
Creative Paper Cutting: some background, history techniques and demo

Working for Auntie: life as a graphic designer behind the scenes at the BBC
Bust the rules and get Creative! : My patchwork journey from templates to BORO via Gees Bend and lots of recycling
Fee – £75 

Lots more photos and info on my website

Name – Cocktail Shaker Boys
Email –
Tel – 01858 898154
Title or subject of talk – “Everything you wanted to know about cocktails but were afraid to ask”
Fee – £75 with £3 discount for electronic payment

Name – Gary Prescott aka The Brummie Biking Birder
Email –
Tel – 073471341
Title or subject of talk – I have several talks. The most popular one at the moment is either the Peruvian Festivals and People talk or the Peruvian Adventure 2018. In 2018 I cycled from Lima to the Amazonia region. Then, giving my bike away to indigenous rainforest children, I packrafted down one of the major Amazon tributaries, the Madre de Dios river, Mother of God, visiting many indigenous tribes whilst doing so and seeing incredible wildlife.

I have other talks involving my British ‘Biking Birding’ adventures. These tell the story of how I spent thirty-six months, three whole years, cycling around the UK, visiting every RSPB and W&WT (no, not Warwickshire Wildlife Trust) nature reserve at least twice each and shows the wildlife I saw, the people I met and the incidents that made each year so extremely memorable.

Then there is my latest talk, Nature during the Covid Months, which shows how nature helped me to endure Lockdown and how, when I could travel how I spent three months on the road, travelling around England, France and Switzerland.

Each talk is entertaining and fun, accompanied by both photographs and video and usually we have some singing as well as a lively Q & A session at the end. I love the way ZOOM allows audience participants to ask questions during the talk via chat. Always a positive can be found.
Fee – £50