Sunday 31st March
Getting ready for Tuesday ….
The Board has an Office and Finance sub-committee which meets to discuss all matters financial . We will be reviewing the AFM, the half yearly budget report, insurance and the next stages of the CIO. Can’t wait!!

Friday 29th March
Money, money , money ……
Spent ages with Sue Myhill, our lovely Treasurer today discussing the finances of the AFM. Gosh, she works hard!

Thursday 28th March
Tick, tick, tick …….
Been analysing the feedback forms from the AFM all week. 450 members completed forms on the day and I started off using an excel spreadsheet but very soon decided that the old pen, paper and five bar gate system would be quicker! Haven’t finished it yet but generally there was a lot of positivity about the day. New venue so we didn’t get everything right! But everyone loved the Cake Lady and Simon King!

Tuesday 26th March
OOOOOOO ! Important stuff
Had to write formally to NFWI today to ask them to include our proposed change of charitable status on the Agenda for the National Annual Meeting in June. So pleased that our WIs voted unanimously to agree this change.

Monday 25th March
What fun!
Two IT workshops today. A great range of ladies with all levels of skills on their IPads! Loads of work in settings and then adventures with Siri! I just love hearing our ladies saying
“ Would you mind setting an alarm, Siri?” Thank you, Siri” and “Sorry to bother you , Siri!”

The last of the collection for the homeless was picked up today. I still cant believe the generosity of our members. Absolutely fantastic!