Sunday 10th April

Ready for Board of Trustees on Tuesday?

Well, nearly. Theres’s a bit more paperwork to go out yet but I’m on it as the kids would say!


Saturday 9th April

A Quick Fundraiser…

As the cost of feeding one dog has gone up significantly we decided to have a “Coffee and Cake with Cooper “this afternoon, to raise funds for the Rescue. We have had him a whole year now so this seemed like a good way to celebrate! The sun shone and a good time was had by all.


Thursday 7th April

Isn’t it lovely to go to your own WI with your friends…

We had a treat tonight when we visited our local Garden Centre at Newton Regis for a hanging basket demonstration. Brilliant!

Hanging Basket

Wednesday 6th April

Great evening with the West Warwicks Group tonight.

After a splendid supper provided by Norton Lindsey WI we were right royally entertained by author and laughter maker Ginny David.

Ginny David

Saturday 2nd April

Got the tickets out!

For the Easter Flower arranging workshop. I must say I am really looking forward to it. I’m going to have some proper flowers on the table at easter not my usual daffs in a jam jar! Well, that’s the plan anyway!!!

Easter Flower Arranging

Friday 1st April

Hip Hip Hooray!

We have put the advert out ready to recruit a new Federation Administrator!

Thursday 31st March

The Brunel Trip Saga…

Well, no one knew that the M5 was going to be closed for ages due to an accident. Christine led a full coach to Bristol on this super trip today but unfortunately the delays cut the visit short! Never mind, these things happen!

Tuesday 29th March

Had a Day off from WI Stuff today.

What a lovely day- I was able to take Cooper in to see my Dad and the other residents at Bracebridge in Atherstone. Cooper absolutely loved all the fuss. My dad’s credibility has gone up at least 100%!!

Cooper and Dad

Monday 28th March

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Every night we are holding our own candleight vigil for the Ukraine. Vice Chair , Julia Baker has attended a planning meeting with the County Council where ideas for supporting refugees from the Ukraine conflict were discussed. Watch this space…

Candlelight Vigil

Friday 25th March

The Willow Weaving went really well today.

Thanks to Trish Handsley for organising this very popular event. DRAT! I can’t get the photo off Facebook. GRRRRRR…

Wednesday 23rd March

Another Live Federation Meeting….

It was a great honour to attend the Gloucestershire Annual Federation Meeting in Cheltenham today along with fellow Trustee, Christine Dyer. The guest of Honour was Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne. No photographs were allowed but she spoke exceedingly thoughtfully and very well!

Tuesday 22nd March

Great Evening at the Dassett Group Meeting tonight!

John Scott was a fabulous speaker and the ladies had a high old time with the impromptu Make it and model it session!

Dassett Group

Sunday 20th March

Lots of paperwork today…

While we haven’t got an Administrator the Board are all doing extra work trying to keep on top of bookings and all the inner workings of the Federation as well as trying to keep our 96 WIs informed and up to date!
OOOO and I won a fabulous woolly hat in the Dalmatian Rescue auction!

Dalmatian Rescue

Saturday 19th March

Live Annual Meeting!

What a treat. I was delighted to represent Warwickshire Federation today, along with Vice Chair Sue Postlethwaite at the Leicestershire and Rutland Annual Federation Meeting. It was lovely to see lots of Wi members enjoying being together!

Warks Fed