Sunday 24th March
Be Prepared!
Just spent a couple of hours preparing for the IPad workshops tomorrow. It’s always interesting to meet with members who are tackling new technology. Looking forward to an interesting and fun day .

Thursday 21st March
Coleshill Group Meeting.
What a lovely evening I spent tonight with my old friends in the Coleshill Group- I went to school with several members! Lady Anne Foley was an excellent speaker , giving a first rate account of what it means to be a Soldier’s Wife. Lovely refreshments , great speaker and good company – what more can you ask for at a Group Meeting!

Wednesday 20th March
Amazing feedback on AFM
It has been lovely to receive so many lovely emails about the AFM on Monday.
The Trustees and I will be meeting with the team from the IXL Centre to feedback on what went well and what needed some improvement. We do this every year after the AFM and as this was our first year in a new venue, your feedback is very useful indeed.
We have counted the money, distributed the donations to the homeless and tried to put everything in the office back in the right place. Now it is onward and upward time as we get ready to greet Dame Stella Rimington in April.

Tuesday 19th March
Best described as lying down in a darkened room!

Monday 18th March
Wow, What a Day!
The AFM is officially over! Fantastic. Everyone did a wonderful job. Trustees, Sub-Committees , Stewards and helpers were all totally brilliant. Sarah and Kathy from the Office were truly amazing and the sound/ IT worked. Flowers on the stage were lovely, thanks Beverley. Speakers were great. Not a dry eye in the house when Kath Ryan, the Cake Lady was speaking. Lynne Stubbings gave a brilliant update on her life as National Chair. My speech went off well, in the end. Members loved seeing the Lincoln photos provided by the marvellous David Clarke. The entertainment provided by Bulkington WI was brilliant. Simon King was amazing and the grand Centenary Finale with Cathy Morris and her song from every decade has us dancing in the aisles!
Whew! Loved it!

Sunday 17th March I must stop changing my speech… My poor, long suffering husband Ray listened gamely all day to me saying things like “does this sound better than that? Shall I go back to version 6?” all day today! Went to bed very early in case I overslept, then woke up every hour to check the clock…….. you know the feeling I am sure!

Saturday 16th March
Big Celebration
Julia, one of our beloved Trustees had a big birthday today and the Board were all invited along to help her to celebrate! Great idea, as it stopped me worrying about the AFM for a few hours!

Friday 15th March
Get Steady……..
Brilliant afternoon at Dallas Burston. The Hall was all ready with the chairs and tables set up on our arrival. Beverley French came along to set up her flower arrangement for the stage- looks great! The sound guys were there and we tested the system, set up the stalls and the Committee Display rooms. What a brilliant team! By 4.00pm we were on the way home- a great job done!

Thursday 14th March
Get Ready…..
The Office is full of piles of stuff to go to the IXL Centre tomorrow. The best tablecloth has been ironed to adorn the top table. Merchandise, paperwork, plans and a hundred huge mailing envelopes have been boxed up ready! We already have a huge pile of donations of sanitary wear and toiletries for the homeless. Sarah says we will have at least six times as much arrive on Monday! Brilliant.

Tuesday 12th March
Money, Money Money!
It was worth seeing our lovely Treasurer Sue Myhill’s face when I announced she would be walking on stage to this Abba tune at the AFM next week! We have got the Meeting all sorted, I think. Everyone knows which bits they are doing. Just got to make sure we don’t forget to take everything for the set up on Friday

Meanwhile we are getting ready to be a force to be reckoned with at Sewing For Pleasure at the NEC  for the rest of the week.

We made loads of decisions about later in the year. Including another celebrity lunch in December, dragon Boat racing, Line Dancing and an Abba singalong! Flyers will be with your Secretaries shortly.

Monday 11th March
Ready for Board tomorrow?
Well, I am now! Spent a couple of happy hours trawling the minutes from the February Board and making sure we don’t miss anything tomorrow! Its our final meeting before the AFM so we have to make sure we have got everything sorted…….. I guess we will all be gliding across the waters next Monday smiling sweetly whilst paddling madly underneath! The Board are just like those serene swans on the lake! Especially me!

Saturday 9th March
Listen, Speak , Inspire
What an honour for Warwickshire Federation to be able to host a NFWI workshop today.
Four Warwickshire members were joined by members from Derbyshire and Somerset for a fascinating day learning how to speak in public with confidence. I really enjoyed listening to the ladies throughout the day as they grew in confidence. Brilliant!

Friday 8th March
Oooo! Celebrity speaker……
Busy day today. Spent all morning planning the sound script for the AFM on 18th March and on the phone trying to book another Celebrity speaker for a big lunch on 2nd December. It will be a similar format to Dame Stella Rimington in April, big lunch at Wroxall Abbey…….. cant tell you who it is yet but I really don’t think we will find it hard to Flog the tickets!