Sunday 10th May
Bit of a WI Afternoon.
Well, it was a bit cold outside to do digging so I have done all my routine WI Stuff. Newsletter, Blog and a Book Review so far!
Better get on and check I have everything ready for the Board meeting on Tuesday!

Saturday 9th May
2.6 Challenge done!
Can’t believe that all that jam and marmalade has gone. 26 jars at £2 a Jar has made £64 for St Giles Hospice! Some people have been very generous , I think! I usually do an Open Garden event in late May for charity- not this year though. Think I might sell my spare plants from the end of the drive and see if I can make a grand total of £100.

Friday 8th May
VE Day  – Ray decorated the house

Had our weekly Get-together with my WI on ZOOM this afternoon and then enjoyed sitting on the front drive this evening with our neighbours at a distance – it was lovely to be sociable as we raised a glass to Remember and Celebrate . As Sue Myhill is wont to say- “we can be together even though we are apart.”

Thursday 7th May
Check in with the Chair…..
Only had to record it five times today! Two dogs barking, two mistakes in speaking and then the Postman rang the doorbell! Honestly, Ray has the patience of a saint!
I thought it would be appropriate to talk about VE Day. (See full video above)
Spent a while this afternoon making sure we have all the paperwork in place for the Board meeting on Tuesday. We are meeting fortnightly on ZOOM at the moment to make sure we keep up with everything!

Wednesday 6th May
Rhubarb, Rhubarb…..
Sold loads of jam so I needed to make more!
Started to write my script for Check in with the Chair, number 7. It’s actually really hard to say everything you want to say when the video has to come in at just under 60 seconds long. It won’t post on all our social media channels if it’s over a minute! Sarah tells me that we now have a You Tube channel – she’s posted all my Chair’s videos on there and we are hoping to add to them with recordings from other people too! (Go to You Tube and search for Warwickshire WIs)

Tuesday 5th May
Zooming all over the place!
Absolutely great to see all the members of the Creative Activities and Public Affairs Committees this morning. Both Committees have new Chairs – Ruth for CA and Christine for PA.
Christine Dyer
It was very interesting to watch both teams trying to make plans for the future when no-one is quite sure what will happen in the future with the Covid 19 situation! In the afternoon the Officers met with Sue, our Treasurer to discuss matters financial – again very interesting when we aren’t able to predict anything!

Monday 4th May
2.6 Challenge is going well.
I have sold 12 jars of jam- delighted. Fancied making some cake today but a bit short on flour- so I made a Swiss Roll. Haven’t made one since I was at school. Filled it with the now famous Rhubarb and Orange jam. It was really lovely.

Sunday 3rd May
Doorstep Challenge photo
Well, hope no-one takes my photo too seriously. I just thought I would post something funny on social media to draw attention to the Competition!

Saturday 2nd May
2.6 Challenge is up and running…
I have put a box of jam and a big sign at the end of my drive and I have made my first sale! Olivia from three doors down came and bought a jar of raspberry jam for her Mum. 25 to go then!

Friday 1st May
Well done Sarah.
Just been admiring the Lockdown Craft gallery on the Website. It’s absolutely brilliant.

The Trustee Top Tips are proving popular as is the Book Review Club. We are getting some lovely emails from WIs and members about the way we are trying to keep the Federation going. Thank you all.

Today sees the Launch of our From My Doorstep Photo Competition. Really looking forward to seeing all the entries from our talented members across the Federation.!