Freya Harrison, from the School of Lice Sciences, one of our Serious Science lecturers, is carrying out a study at the University of Warwick, that she would like WI members to take part in.

The trial is being run in collaboration with Warwick’s Clinical Trials unit and it involves healthy volunteers taking part in a patch test to see if the medieval eyesalve (a mixture of garlic onion, wine and cow bile) causes any adverse effects when put on the skin. We are looking for people without a history of asthma, diabetes, allergies to the eyesalve ingredients or skin conditions, aged 18-79. We would be especially grateful for new participants who are 60+ as we’re a little short on this demographic.

We would apply a few drops to a plaster, place the plaster on your upper arm, then cover it with a larger waterproof sticky dressing to allow you to shower/bathe normally. We would then ask you to check for signs of skin irritation over the next 2 days. We would need to ask participants to come to the University campus to have the plaster applied, which takes about ten minutes – we are currently doing this outdoors in order to be as covid-safe as possible. (If several people are interested and there’s a convenient time and location to meet somewhere easier e.g. in Leamington/Kenilworth then we could look at doing that too). We would then do the follow-up two days later by email or phone call according to each participant’s preference – this takes about 5 minutes, and if the participant’s skin has reacted, we also ask them to email us a photo (a quick snap with a smartphone is perfect). There is no financial reward for taking part. We have already tested the eyesalve in lab models of irritation (human skin cells, mice) and it has shown a good enough safety profile in the lab to move to testing on people.

An email account has been set up for this study which all the investigators running the trial can access and that is the best way to make contact to take part.

Click here for the  Participant Information Sheet

Who should I contact if I want further information?

If you have any questions about the study, do please contact the study team by email, telephone or in writing to:-

Dr Freya Harrison or Professor Julie Bruce
Associate Professor in Microbiology Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
School of Life Sciences Warwick Medical School
Gibbet Hill
Coventry CV4 7AL Coventry CV4 7AL
Tel: 02476 524744 Tel: 02476 151128