I received a leaflet through my letter box inviting me to the first ever meeting of Ridge Lane WI in 2009 I went along to the meeting and I was instantly hooked. I put myself forward for the role of Treasurer, a position I still hold and enjoy thoroughly. We are a small but friendly group. I also arrange the speakers’ lists and trips to various locations. I met up with people who live in the local area and relished this as an opportunity to interact with people I may never have spoken to had it not been for the WI and through this I have made many new friends.
I love being part of a fabulous community and have personally benefited from the help and support offered by our members to each other. I love listening to their entertaining stories and because of this I wanted to know more and felt inspired to start researching the History of Ridge Lane whilst also enjoying gardening and cooking. We are all passionate about our W.I. community and there is now a Monday morning Tea & Toast club. Once a month we go out for lunch to catch up or celebrate someone’s Birthday. We have also organised and raised money for a defibrillator for the village which would never have been achieved without the WI.
Our W.I. received an invitation to a Trustees Meeting to observe and see first-hand how the meetings are run and what is involved. I was eager to answer the call. I was amazed at how much work goes on behind the scenes to help and support our WIs so I rose to the challenge and put myself forward to be on the Board. I was so pleased and honoured to find out I had become a Warwickshire Federation Trustee and cannot wait for the opportunity to grow and learn.