Tuesday 30th November
Coercive Violence
What an interesting and thought provoking talk on Zoom tonight by Dr Emma Katz.  It wasn’t the most comfortable of subjects to listen to but I am jolly glad I did.

Monday 29th November
Cyber Safety….
Great Zoom this afternoon. Really helpful to be reminded of what to look out for when you are on-line.  Honestly there are some really awful fraudsters about!

Sunday 28th November
When Life gives you Lemons…. ( or in this case SNOW!)
Make lemon curd!

Saturday 27th November
Well! That’s it. I am going to take up knitting!
I was soooo very impressed with the hand  knitted Liver spotted Dalmatian I had ordered through my favourite charity for ray for Christmas! I am thinking of taking up knitting  Lots of comments on social media advising me to lie down in a darkened room! .

Friday 26th November
16 days of Action #nomoreviolenceagainstwomen.
Very proud to be taking part in this campaign.
Really looking forward to hosting our Zoom on Tuesday with the renowned speaker DR Emma Katz talking about making sense of coercive control.  Do join us!

Thursday 25th November
Save our Honey bees…
Delighted with the tree in St Marys Church this year.  Complete with knitted bees and hives.  Most impressive.  Well done everyone.

Wednesday 24th November
Will I ever take up knitting?
Looking at this lovely little knitted bee I very much doubt it! .

Tuesday 23rd November
OOOO! Live Meetings
It was great to see all the members of the Leisure Activities Committee this morning. They have organised a really exciting programme for next year.
Then the Trustees met to discuss the pilot NFWI training for Trustees which led to a very interesting afternoon all round!
AND what a great evening Advisers Lynne and Anita had in Coleshill where they were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown for re-starting Coleshill WI,. Brilliant! .

Monday 22nd November
Gosh Membership and Promotions have been busy….
Had a good meeting on Zoom tonight discussing all the Annual Meetings which had been attended all over the Federation by our Advisers. It was heartening to hear how many of our WIs are doing well and that they are recruiting new members! Brilliant.

Sunday 21st November
Ready for next week?

  • Prepared for M&P on Monday night?
  • Prepared for Leisure Activities meeting on Tuesday?
  • Prepared for Trustee Training on Tuesday? Almost…….
  • Sorted ready for the Judges Meeting on Friday morning? Not yet but I will be……
  • Finished this Blog? Just about….. and the flowering cherry in the garden is hanging onto the most beautiful set of leaves I have ever seen!

Saturday 20th November
My Handmade Christmas Workshop –
Sarah had done a splendid welcome to Federation House and I gather that the attendees all had a brilliant time, making all sorts of Christmassy stuff

Well done to the Creative Activities Team for putting on such a lovely afternoon.

Friday 19th November
After such a lovely sunrise this morning I just had to take a day off WI stuff!

Thursday 18th November
Trustee Training
We are very pleased to have been asked to take part in the new Training for Federation Trustees which will be rolled out next year by NFWI for all Trustees.   The Officers met tonight to discuss how we would present the training on Tuesday!

Wednesday 17th November
Coffee Morning!
My own WI at Newton Regis have a monthly Coffee Morning which coincides with the visiting Post office at the village Hall.  My Coffee and Walnut cake soon disappeared!

Tuesday 16th November
Members News letter
Sarah and I spent quite a bit of time working on the monthly Newsletter for our members.  We love the fact that well over 60% of our members receive and open their newsletter every month!

Monday 15th November
Climate Change
That was a very interesting session on Zoom tonight set up by our very own Public Affairs Committee. It was great to hear how the Council in South Warwickshire are planning to tackle climate change.  It was also very good to see so many of our Warwickshire WI Climate Ambassadors there.  One on my pet ambitions is to have a Climate Ambassador for every WI in the county!

Sunday 14th November
Final Lest We Forget Moment
Loved this picture of Cooper proudly wearing his poppy!

Saturday 13th November
World Kindness Day
I couldn’t resist re-posting my photo of our Sanitary wear collection for our sisters from Afghanistan, celebrating the generosity of our Warwickshire members!

Friday 12th November
Look Out Everyone…. Christmas is a Coming!
Pickled the very last of the shallots today!

Thursday 11th November
What a fab Poetry Morning.
Another Zooming successful Morning with members from all over the county joining us to discuss Poems related to our chosen topic The Seasons.  Some lovely choices. The Team all stopped at 11.00 for the Act of Remembrance too  . Another fantastic Lest We Forget moment. .

Wednesday 10th November
Post Board Meeting Frenzy of activity.
Its always the same after a Board Meeting. Sarah and I are in constant contact firming up all the decisions made and getting everything ready to go out on the Newsletter and onto the website.
Lovely Lest We Forget artwork courtesy of All saints Primary, Coalville.

Tuesday 9th November
Lovely Board Meeting Today.
I know it’s not the same on Zoom but we still managed to get loads of planning and organisation sorted today!

My Lest We Forget moment was from a visit to The Somme in 2018 when we found the grave of a soldier who had died without knowing that he had a daughter born three months after his death.  We had bought the Family Bible on EBay and were fascinated by his story.

Monday 8th November
There was a lot of Lest We Forget going on today!
Quick Officers Meeting today to make sure we were all sorted for the Board Meeting tomorrow!   My Lest we Forget picture today is Ray’s favourite piece of garden art

Sunday 7th November
Lest we Forget.
This year I am going to try to post pictures for Remembrance through the week. In 2014 and 15 we were fortunate to be able to take a number of our Warwickshire WI members to The Somme. Unforgettable times so it seems appropriate to post.  Today my picture is of poppies near Fortrose in Scotland.

Friday 5th November
All ready for the Board Meeting on Tuesday ?
Almost, just need to double check a few things. Sue has got the finance paperwork ready and all the reports are done.

Thursday 4th November
Another brilliant idea coming up!
We had a brilliant social time at Newton Regis WI tonight, after our Annual Meeting.
Sue, our Treasurer invented a “Good, Better, Best” taste test.   We had to try three different types of cheese, yoghurt and orange juice and discern by taste which was good, better or best.  The results were fascinating, as the cost/ branding didn’t always reflect our views of which were the best!  Fascinating stuff!

Wednesday 3rd November
Brilliant Promotion for Warwickshire WIs
Trustees Sue, Sue and Ruth went to the NEC today to set up our promotional stand at the NEC. I think you will agree that they did us all proud!  Well done!

Tuesday 2nd November
Agenda for Board Meeting next week
Its always a busy time for me and Sarah when we are preparing for the next Board Meeting – I wrestle with the Agenda whilst Sarah gathers all the supporting papers together.  Did you know that you are more than welcome to attend one of our meetings as an observer and find out first hand what we do at the Federation?   Just let us know if you would like to come along!

Monday 1st November
O&F Meeting
As always, our Office and Finance Meeting today focussed on money coming in to the Federation and money going out!   We are going to have to try to revise our electricity supply contract shortly…. Wish us luck!