Monday 30th November
Marmalade anyone?
Made a big batch of orange and lemon marmalade today as I seem to have run out of frozen Sevilles.  Can’t understand it as I had a forty pound box last January!  Time flies when your cooking and having fun!

Sunday 29th November
Nearly ready for Trustees.
Got the Newsletter and Blog sorted.  Go the paperwork sorted for Tuesday. Happy days!

Saturday 28th November
Finally got the mincemeat potted up.
Might have to enter it in the Home-made Christmas Competition.!

Friday 27th November
Oh, Yes We Did!
First full panto rehearsal on Zoom today – this time including our special guests! I lost count of the number of times we did completely unscripted Oh yes you did moments! I just hope the audience will find it as funny as we did today.
I must say that some of the Trustees are taking it all very seriously….. just look what arrived in the post today

Thursday 26th November
Congratulations Ladies
It was a great pleasure to attend the 100th Birthday party of Old Milverton WI today.  We might have been on Zoom but we still had a great times.  Here’s to the next hundred years, ladies!

Another super Chat with the Chair session tonight – it was great to have a conversation with a dozen members from all over Warwickshire. What fun we had!

Wednesday 25th November
Officers meeting
Today we had an Officers meeting on Zoom to discuss all the documents which have arrived from NFWI regarding the consultation on constitutional change! That gave us plenty to chew on, I can tell you!

Tuesday 24th November
Good meetings with the LA and M&P teams
All of our sub-committees continue to work hard for us, planning new ideas and events for our members. Meanwhile Ray was outside putting up the Christmas trees! Good day all round .

Monday 23rd November
Stir up Monday….
No not stirring up the WI but the Christmas Puddings!  Normally I would make mine and then get ready to go into the local Primary school on Stir up Monday to make a pudding in assembly.  Sadly not this year though!

Interesting talk from Barbara Lawson-Reay on the history of the Wi tonight.  Great to see over sixty members present too.

Sunday 22nd November
Blimey! Where has November nearly gone then?
Is it me? But November seems to have just flashed past. Will have to get the decorations out next week. Just got to fit it round Chatting with the Chair, M&P and LA meetings and a Zoom talk on War, Peace and the WI!   Happy days

Sat 21st November
No more wondering
I never did manage to get an entry good enough for the One Ball wonder Competition but I reckon I should be ok for the new competition as announced yesterday. My home-made Christmas.  I spend a lot of time cooking and preserving as you know so at least I will have a choice of what to enter!

Friday 20th November
Oh, Yes we are!
This afternoon saw the first virtual run through of the Federation Panto! We have written the outline script and had a quick go to see how it will work on-line.  Because you can only see one speaker at a time it makes slapstick well-nigh impossible! However we think we have cracked a good line in jokes and the costumes (well the bit you can see) are going to be amazing!  Now we have begun to get it sorted we might have to let our special guest stars in on the act!

Thursday 19th November
Zooming here and Zooming there!
What a busy day on Zoom!  First of all I had a great time chatting with members across the county in the first of this months FREE Chat with the Chair sessions.   Goodness me there are some great ideas and innovative things happening in our WIs.

Then after a quick lunch I was in an update meeting with the other Federation Chairs and NFWI.  As always it was great to have Lynne at the helm
Lynne Stubbings, NFWI Chairman meets Warwickshire members during her lunchtime walkabout

And last but not least I was able to join the Bedworth Belles at their very first meeting tonight.  Over 30 members ! What a great evening we had.  Our very own Terry Barker was the speaker and everyone really enjoyed the evening.  Superstars!

Wednesday 18th November
A treat for my husband!
Today was video day!  Ray is my cameraman and it only took seven goes to record my Check in with the Chair video this morning…. First of all the dog started barking, then I muffed my lines, then the doorbell went and so it went on.! I’d like to pay tribute to Ray for his patience!

Tuesday 17th November
Officers and Finance Group
Well what a Birthday treat – a meeting with the Officers about Finances and other weighty issues!  Actually we got loads of thinking and planning sorted.  Then I had  a real treat – a sandwich made with Fresh Cornish crab meat which was a gift from my best friend who lives near Polperro.  Super!

Monday 15th November
Garden Bugs…..
What an interesting talk on Zoom tonight.  Dr Ian Bedford gave us an illustrated talk on garden bugs tonight – outlining the problems and solutions as he went along!  Well done Jane and the Public Affairs Committee for organising such a great evening



Sunday 14th November
Busy week on Zoom coming up …
Garden Bugs talk…… Officers and Finance Group…… meeting with our very newest WI….. panto rehearsal… Chat with the Chair!  Blimey ….I need a rest!

Friday 12th November
Oh yes we are … Doing a pantomime on Zoom!   Better get your tickets , ladies.  The Panto is almost written.  The cast is agreed and TWO very special guest stars have had their arms twisted  to appear. Not sure how well slapstick will translate onto Zoom but it should be a lot of fun!   Save the date for the 17th December!
See the ‘What’s On’ page for full details

Thursday 12th November
Practically Perfect Poetry morning
What a treat – poetry enthusiasts from across the county joined with Gwyneth and Jane to celebrate poetry around the theme of On Reflection.  We were thrilled to be joined by Anne in Harrogate as well as Wendy from Sheepy Magna.  The wonders of Zoom and modern technology!

Wednesday 11th November
11 on the 11th….
Important day today and we stopped at 11 along with the rest of the country to remember. I posted the picture of the Bible we bought on Ebay today- the family history was all filled in and last year Ray and I went to the Cemetery at Etaples to tell Private Lewis all about the child he never knew.

Also reminded me that we took 30 Warwickshire members to The Somme a few years ago.  Special times.

Tuesday 10th November
Well there’s no time to be bored at one of our Board meetings….
Busy meeting today- loads of decisions made and ideas for the future discussed NOT to mention getting approval for the PCRP!!!  We had a guest visitor today- Anita Dudley from Treacle Tarts WI  ( can you find a picture please? )  Don’t forget that our Board meetings are always open to observers from any WI across the Federation.

Also had a most interesting afternoon discussing how we designed our website with colleagues from another Federation.  Its really nice to think that other Federations admire what we do!

Monday 9th November
Officers Meeting
Met with the Officers on Zoom today to finalise the PRCP ready for the Board meeting tomorrow.  (that’s the Post Covid recovery plan for the uninitiated!)   We believe that it is really important that we are able to plan to keep the Federation on a sound financial footing for the future!

Sunday 8th November
Hmmmm…. Poetry Morning
It’s our first Virtual Poetry morning on Thursday morning.  Really looking forward to it although I’m a bit of a “The boy stood on the burning deck, his leg was all of a quiver….” kind of poet.
I think it should be really interesting AND it’s a free Zoom so there’s an opportunity for more people to join us if you would like to.!!

Saturday 7th November
My little job for today and tomorrow is to try to write up a draft of the Federation’s Post Covid Recovery Plan.  PCRP for short- natty title huh?  Just waiting for the Officers to respond to my first stab at this!

Friday 6th November
Sometimes when the gate is shut in front of us,  you just have to lean on it and admire the view!! That’s my thought for the day

Thursday 5th November
And it’s Lockdown Two
Check in with the Chair returns……. I had almost forgotten how to make a video but was quite pleased with the cheesecake.   The videos are just one of the ways we try to keep in touch with all our members across the Federation.

Wednesday 4th November
Board meeting prep….
Lots of paperwork on the go today as we prepare for our Board Meeting next Tuesday.  I sorted the agenda, while Sue Myhill sorted the Finance report and Sarah collated everything ready to go onto the Trustee area of the website.  We have been a paperless Board for almost three years now, but the advent of all these virtual meetings has really emphasised what a good idea this was!

Tuesday 3rd November
Thank goodness for Zoom……
We had a virtual meeting with Liz Fox, this afternoon. Liz is an Adviser and is responsible for Groups across the Federation. The Officers work with Liz and Yvette from our Membership and Promotions Team from time to time to see how things are going!

Monday 2nd November
Brilliant evening on Zoom
Charles Hanson was absolutely fabulous tonight . Everyone really enjoyed listening to him, what interesting tales he had to tell.  Can’t wait to organise a trip to see him!!

Sunday 1st November
Putting the greenhouse to bed!
Ooooo! Heck  Frost warning! Right better find the ancient bubble wrap and insulate the greenhouse as best we can……. Want to keep the chillies going if we can.

Sat 31st October
Looking forward to Monday night
When I will have the pleasure of hosting the one and only Charles Hanson on Zoom for our members .  Well done, Sarah for organising this for us all.  Brilliant!

Friday 30th October
Kitchen Wisdom Group Reunion….
It was so lovely to meet up with the team who organised the Federation Centenary Cookbook.  We had a reunion on Zoom, sharing recipes and a great chat!   I made a 1234 Cake- one of Ray’s Mums wartime recipes.  It was surprisingly good.

Thursday 29th October
No WI today …. My Dad was 90 today and we had a special lunch with my sister.  To celebrate  I made the biggest Lemon Meringue pie ever!

Wednesday 28th October
One Ball Wonder Competition.
Well! I could be jolly offended by some of the comments about my entry for the One Ball Wonder Competition… I thought my Snowman was pretty good…..then I saw the standard of the first entries, oops!!

Tuesday 27th October
Committee Meetings
Great meeting with the Public Affairs Committee today- lots of planning ready for 2021.  Creative activities

Monday 26th October
Officers meeting
Serious stuff today. We had a long discussion about our PCRP… (Post Covid Recovery Plan) – the Federation has been without income since March and we are looking at ways of tightening our belts without reducing the service we can provide for our WIs.   Have got some really interesting ideas to share with the Board in a couple of weeks time.

Sunday 25th October
Oh Heck!
I have been trying to ignore this one but I will have to attempt the One Ball Wonder Competition.  What can I make with 100g of wool???????  I weighed it first!
Now I just need to find a recipe!

Friday and Saturday 23rd / 24th October
Annual Council Meeting.
Once a year all the Federation Chairs and Treasurers meet up to discuss all kinds of matters with the NFWI Board.  It’s usually a full on weekend run as a residential, with colleagues travelling from all over the country to take part.

This year it was totally different with everyone taking part on-line.  Very interesting experience all round. I must say that the voting tool was particularly easy to use.  Sue and I were very proud to represent Warwickshire and even more proud of the way that Lynne and Jeryl represented us all.
Lynne Stubbings , NFWI Chairman addresses the Meeting

Thursday 22nd October
Its really nice when a trustee from another Federation rings you up to ask you about our website because they think it’s a good one!  Happy days!

It was the last couple of consultations tonight . One for Presidents and then a final one with our volunteer sub-committee members.  Really interesting to hear so many points of view.

Wednesday 21st October
The last of the huge cooking apples…..
Got picked and frozen today! They were gigantic, biggest weighed in at a pound and a half!.

Another fascinating evening with two more groups of Presidents on Zoom.  I really think that these meetings of twelve or so are a really good way to hold a discussion.

Tuesday 20th October
Officers and then round four of the Presidents Consultation evenings!
Interesting officers meeting this morning where we made plans for various pieces of work which need to be undertaken before the next Board meeting.  The it was off into the garden for a few hours to clear my head before the fourth evening with our lovely Presidents from all over the county.

It was lovely to pick some of the last dahlias – they have been absolutely spectacular this year!

Monday 19th October
Chat with the Chair again
Almost twenty members joined us in two chat sessions today. It was great to hear so many brilliant ideas being shared and swapped.  We are going to hold some more of these later in the year.  Book your place if you fancy a good old catch up!

I wasn’t able to get to the photography Workshop on Zoom tonight.  Many thanks to fellow Trustee Yvette for hosting.  I understand that it went very well and that David was great!

Sunday 18th October
Looking forward to tomorrow.
Our special guest on Zoom for members is our very own David Clarke- who always acts as Honorary Photographer at major Federation events.  David is going to give us all loads of hints about photography!

Saturday 17th October
Allotments and lots of shallots…..
Spent the day with my Dad on his allotment and then we pickled all the shallots!  Really special day.

Friday 16th October
How did we manage before we had Zoom then?
Today saw the start of my latest idea – Chat with the Chair ….. an opportunity for Warwickshire WI members to talk to me and the Officers about anything they liked. It was great fun – we had such a good time!   Got another one on Monday- can’t wait!

Wednesday and Thursday 14th/15th October
Loving this Consultation Lark!
Another four meetings with Presidents done.   How interesting it is to hear the variety of views and ideas across the Federation.  Brilliant!

Tuesday 13th October
Meetings, Meetings, Meetings…..
The day started off with a really good Board Meeting. It was great to see everyone today – thanks to ZOOM once again.  We are still making lots of plans for the future – even though its all looking a bit uncertain…..

Tonight saw the first of twelve meetings over the next fortnight – we are consulting with all of our WI Presidents on some possible plans for the future!  It was lovely to see everyone and I am very grateful for the positivity and good ideas from the participants.

Monday 12th October
The wonders of Zoom-
While Warwickshire members were enjoying a talk on Indian Block Printing tonight I was talking to the members of Park Appleton WI in Warrington courtesy of Zoom.  It was lovely to see them all and I think they enjoyed hearing a few tales from my experiences as an inner city Headteacher.

Sunday 11th October
Two years ago today…
We were enjoying the sunshine outside the Lord Leycester whilst waiting to listen to Dr Gillian White telling us all about the Great Fire of Warwick, which was followed by a delicious afternoon tea!

Friday 9th October
Chat with the Chair.
Very excited to be able to report that we are offering all our members the chance to catch up with me and the officers on Zoom.
We have booked up several free dates for a Chat and look forward to seeing you there!

We have booked up several free dates for a Chat and look forward to seeing you there! (To book just email Sarah
Fri 16th Oct at 10am
Mon 19th Oct at 2pm
Thurs 19th Nov at 10am
Mon 23rd Nov at 2pm
Thurs 26th Nov at 7pm

Thursday 8th October
OOOOOO! The Excitement ….
Sarah has publicised the brilliant ZOOM speaker we have for November 2nd. She’s only gone and booked Charles Hanson!  Get your tickets now, they are going well!   Well done, Sarah!
(Mon 2nd Nov at 7pm, tickets are only £5 just email Sarah to book. )

Wednesday 7th October
Ready for Board and almost ready for Christmas!
Sorted out the Agenda and assorted paperwork ready for the Board meeting next Tuesday today.  Also stirred the mincemeat one more time!

Tuesday 6th October
Home and Country
Had a lovely gift today from my friend Linda , who had found this lovely old WI badge.  I checked with Gillian Crisp, our Archivist and she thinks its at least forty years old, maybe older still.  Anyone know for certain?

Monday 5th October
How lovely to see….
Lynn from Austrey WI today, albeit at a distance and behind a mask….. Lynn was collecting the promotional goodies which are available to every WI in the Federation. It was really lovely to have a catch up!

Sunday 4th October
Count me in!!!
Just done the COUNT ME IN  survey as advertised on page 41 of the October issue of WI Life.  I did the survey on-line and I want to emphasise how VERY important it is that all of us take part.  Its OUR WI and our FUTURE!!


Friday 2nd October
Gold star for Sarah

Sarah has been doing a great job , organising a variety of Zoom talks for our members and today she has outdone herself! She has arranged a real coup!  I dare not tell you who it is as I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder  but Watch this Space!!

Thursday 1st October
Congratulations Ruth
Had a lovely chat with Ruth Feather, former County Chairman and a very good friend of my Mother – they were both in Over Whitacre WI together.  Ruth was 90 recently and had a super socially distanced Birthday treat from her friends from Arley WI. Congratulations!