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Zooms – members should book these directly with Federation House by emailing or calling 01926 419998

Trips / Workshops / Lunches etc – members should book all other events through the WI Secretary, you tell her that you would like a ticket for the event or trip and pay her the correct fee. She will collate all of the orders, complete the necessary forms and order the tickets from Federation House for you. We are sorry but at the moment we are unable to process ticket requests from individual members.

Secretaries – you can find all the adverts and booking forms in the WI Officers area of the website

Sometimes events and visits are open to guests. However, our 3000+ Warwickshire WI members will always be our priority.

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Julia Baker

01564 783464|
Julia Baker
Federation Vice Chair
Editor Corunna News
Member of Leisure Activities Sub Committee

A career change from Home Economics teacher in state Secondary schools to running my own small business in Clinical Aromatherapy gave me more time flexibility so I joined Kingswood and Lapworth WI to get to know people in Lapworth, my village.

My first experience of WI committee work saw me take on the refreshments rota – who would have thought so much could go pear – shaped with such a simple job! Some years later, having had my arm firmly twisted, I found myself standing up in front of the meeting with the Presidents’ badge pinned securely to my person.

To my enormous surprise I loved this experience and remained President for 4 years much to the relief of Membership; not because they thought I was good at it but because it ensured they didn’t have to volunteer! Group Organiser for what became The Grand Union Group followed then in 2016 I became a Trustee.

Other interests include swimming and snorkelling; growing house plants and persuading them to flower year after year, some of mine are 40 years old. I play badminton regularly and do Pilates.


Kingswood & Lapworth WI


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