Another wonderful poem form Eldie Russell of Dunchurch and Thurlaston WI. Thank you Eldie

Won’t it be lovely is all I can say
To go and do some shopping. In the normal sort of way
To do a bit of browsing to see what I can find
And if the aisles are crowded I don’t think I shall mind

To pass the time of day and share a friendly smile
To meet a friend and stop to chat for just a little while
Won’t it be lovely to find a little treat
And not to social distance from the people that I meet
To. buy anything I fancy not just what I should
Perhaps a little cake or two. that would do me good
I’ll then go to. the checkout.and not grumble. at the queue
And unload my shopping trolley just like I used to do
I never thought I’d say this but I realise more and. more
To shop will be a pleasure not just another chore.