Following on from National Poetry Day on 1st Oct we thought it be nice to feature some more of the wonderful poetry written by our members, so here are a couple to get you started.
(If you have written a poem you would like us to feature here or if this inspires you to put pen to paper and try your hand at a bit of poetry then please email your poem to )

Thanks to Gwyneth Roe of Bulkington WI for supplying these poems to get us started.

By Doris Bateman – Written in September 2001, just after 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre
(Doris was a stalwart member of the Poetry Mornings and a star in the Park Street Players)

What on earth are we doing to this wonderful world of ours?
What happened to loyalty, justice and all it empowers?
We seem to have forgotten that there is enough for all,
Greed, jealousy and hate have overtaken and appal.

The land does not belong to us and will be here after we’ve gone,
It’s only on loan to provide for all our needs to carry on
And lead a helpful, happy life for every faith and creed
With exchange and distribution there is no cause for need.

I’m trying hard to understand the present situation
And dread the years ahead with sad anticipation.
I say my prayers each night with thanks for another day,
But last night I said “No, I’ll miss tonight, I don’t know what to say!”

By Joy Medlock, Bulkington WI

My mother left me here
At the station on platform three
She said ‘Now, there’s nothing to fear’
Do not forsake me
The slowing train the screeching in my ear

She left me once before
On the common I know not when
Though just when tears could fall no more
She came again
And wrapped me in her arms her love so sure

My mother left me here
And now time slows and creeps forlorn
A shadow falls and though I fear
Her absent form
Recall the common certain of her love so dear