Wednesday 30th September
How very dare they!
I was somewhat taken aback today to learn that I had apparently emailed all of the Board of Trustees asking them to buy Amazon gift vouchers to the tune of £400 and send “me” a photo of the pin no on the back and of the receipt!  Fortunately everyone on the Board knows that I would never send out an email full of spelling and grammatical errors!
It’s amazing what you can do with a mobile phone, a throwaway SIM card and a free email address…. And a salutary reminder to look carefully at the email address something has come from before you respond.

Tuesday 29th September
Great response from the WIs …
To our proposal to give away the leftover Centenary Cookbooks and some brooches to each WI to use as promotional items. It has been great to receive so many enthusiastic responses!

Monday 28th September
Had a really interesting meeting this morning on Zoom with Sue, Julia and Sue. We needed to talk through the plans for the immediate future as the Covid 19 situation isn’t getting any better. We decided that we would hold some consultative meetings with our Presidents across the Federation to discuss some ideas.

Sunday 27th September
Just a normal Sunday afternoon…..
Blogging and preparing for the officers on-line meeting tomorrow. Ooooh and making Cranachan with some more of those lovely raspberries!  Yum!

Friday 25th September
Raspberry Heaven
Not much in the way of Federation work  today but guess what I was making with my lovely Autumn Raspberries?  …… yep, Raspberry Liqueur. Christmas is coming!

Thursday 24th September
Board on-line approval
The Board are getting quite adept at reading and discussing decisions on-line.  Some are easier than others…. We have just approved the adverts for the October ZOOM on-line sessions.
Take a look at the ‘What’s on’ page of the website to find out more

Wednesday 23rd September
Oh dear …
It looks like we will be closing the Office to visitors due to the ongoing C19 situation , but hoping to still be able to operate the  contactless collection and drop off system.  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday 22nd September
Well done
Good meetings with Leisure activities and Membership and Promotions this morning.  Unfortunately a lot of our events are having to be cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing situation with Covid 19 however it was great to hear that all the effort being put in by Adviser, Anita Dudley and her colleagues on Zoom to start a new WI in Bedworth are going so well.  Hopefully we will have another super group to join our Federation.  Fabulous news!

Monday 21st September
The online safety Talk on Zoom tonight was absolutely great. Sarah from Emerald IT was a clear and engaging speaker.  Told us how things are without frightening the life out of you.  Excellent.

Sunday 20th September
Preparing for the week ahead.
Meeting the Officers on Zoom tomorrow for an update so I have been working on the plan for that meeting and also reading up reading for Leisure Activities and Membership & Promotions on Tuesday.  Its all go!

Sat 19th September
Anybody fancy joining my Old Cookbook Club?
I have been sitting absolutely spellbound today, immersed in some handwritten Recipe books, written by Ray’s Mum just after the war. Going to have to make a 1,2,3,4 Cake!
Not quite so keen on the special recipe for Mothers and babies featuring rabbit and sprouts… highly efficacious apparently!
I reckon we could have a great Federation Club on Zoom, sharing old recipes and perhaps making them for everyone to see!

Thursday 17th  September
Preserving again!
Blackberries abound in the hedgerows locally so I picked a couple of colanders full to freeze and pickle.  Lovely

Wednesday 16th September
WI Day
Haven’t made a video for ages but I thought it would be a good way to celebrate the 105th Birthday of our organisation!  The Trustees and members also did some great photos for our social media feature called Why, Why the WI ?

Tuesday 15th September
The Chairs Life is such a varied one! – Round Table discussion for charities
Today I spent a grand couple of hours with Chairs of Trustees from various charities from across the country discussing the ways in which the Lockdown has affected charities and organisations and we all shared how we were utilising  digital technology to help us.  It was a most thought provoking  and interesting session.

Monday 14th September
Cambridge Tour is a raving success.
The Zoom session with Murray, a Cambridge Green Badge Guide was absolutely brilliant tonight.  Lovely to see so many Warwickshire members present too.

Sunday 13th  September
Pickled pears anyone?
They will be fab come Christmas.  They are great with cold meats and cheese.

Sat 12th September
Preserving rules!
Marrow and and onion pickle today and then started preparations for pickling the pears as I see the wasps are having a field day down the garden – they seem to prefer the Conference pears to the Comice – can’t help but wonder why!

Friday 11th September
Goodness me. Is it really NINETEEN years since 9-11?
Yes, I’m afraid it is.  Stopped for a while today to remember.  I have some very good friends in the US who were fortunate on 9-11.
On a lighter note spent some time today working on Warwickshire’s plan for WI Day next Wednesday!

Thursday 10th September
Well, it’s a good job we had the Board meeting when we did …
As it looks like all meetings are off again.  I guess this is the way its likely to be for the next while.  Good job we bit the bullet and postponed Richard Coles then!
Sarah made a great job of the Minutes for Tuesday. Well done and thanks, Sarah.

Wednesday 9th September
Had my first go at Sourdough bread today- my sister is a real fan and she gave me a jar of starter….  really pleased with it.  Now all I need to do is wait for the next WI Show so that I can make an entry!

Tuesday 8th September
No time to be bored at the Board meeting!
It was JUST SO FABULOUS to see everyone on the Board of Trustees and Sarah today.  We had a two hour meeting at Budbrooke Church hall and my goodness me,  did we plough through some business and discussion!  We we were disappointed to have to postpone some more events like Rev Richard Coles Lunch but that’s the way the Covid Cookie crumbles. Absolutely great!

Monday 7th Sept
Nearly ready for tomorrow.
Its our first face to face (well, ok mask to mask ) meeting of the Board of Trustees since March tomorrow.  I have checked the Risk assessment about twelve times. Double checked the paperwork and must admit to being really quite excited!

Fantastic evening on Zoom with Jennifer Rigby- actress and Shakespeare fanatic. Jennifer was so interesting and entertaining whilst quietly educating u all.  Absolutely brilliant evening.

Sunday 6th September
Ready for Tuesday?
Well, almost…… just got a couple of papers to finish and then remembered I needed to do my Blog!   I am really chuffed to report that I have sold over a hundred pounds worth of jams, pickles and tomatoes in the box at the end of my drive. Raising money for the village church this time!

Friday 4th September
Pickling and jamming again.
Can’t waste any of this lovely autumnal garden produce. I just love this time of year!

Thursday 3rd September
Lovely day
Sarah has all the paperwork for Tuesday set up on the Trustee area of our website. Well done.
The on-line Advisers Surgery sessions were very good today. Well done, Yvette and team.  It was good to hear so many WIs being positive about the future.

My own WI had our first face to face meeting tonight – everybody present except for two who have been poorly.  Well done, Newton Regis W I. We had a Fish and Chip supper and a good old socially distanced catch up, followed by Bingo called by the lovely Rhona.  A raving success!

Wednesday 2nd September
Weekly catch up with Sarah
Quick catch up on ZOOM with Sarah today, the Office re-opening worked well and we are gradually getting things sorted. Bit disappointed that the planned Archery Taster was cancelled by the providers.  We had high hopes for an outdoor event!

Tuesday 1st  September
We are OPEN!
How lovely to see Sarah and Kathy, all prepared for essential visitors to the Office.

Got everything sorted for the Board meeting next week. Risk Assessments and Agenda all completed.  It will be great to see everyone, even if it is at a distance and behind face masks.