Warwickshire WI are taking part in NFWIs Climate Coalition’s Show the Love again in February 2019.

1. Share a green heart to start a conversation about climate change – get creative and make a green heart badge using our felt heart guide on page 7 of the community pack or our sustainable rag rug heart guide which uses scrap pieces of fabric (which can be downloaded below).

2. Make green heart bunting to share with your community – make green heart bunting and use your bunting to ‘green heart bomb’ somewhere in the heart of your community to encourage people to ask what the green heart symbolises. Find out more about bunting on page 10 of the community pack or have a go at making this needle felted heart.

3. Craft a green heart for your MP – when crafting your green heart badges, save one for your MP to send along with the postcard included in the community pack on page 8 or download the postcard. Look out for your February issue of WI Life where the postcard will also be included in your inserts.

4. Theme your WI meeting around green hearts – hold a best green heart competition or invite climate change speakers to talk about the impacts in your local area, for more ideas see page 5 of the community pack.

For #ShowtheLove 2019 NFWI have a new felt green heart instruction guide. Download it here, along with past craft projects including the sustainable rag rug heart which uses scrap pieces of fabric: thewi.org.uk/s/showthelove2019