Monday 31st May
Bank Holiday in the sunshine.
Couldn’t have picked a better few days to open our garden to visitors.  Delighted to have a visit from three week old Ava today!

It was also lovely to be supported by several Board members who trekked up “to the north” to see us!  And a Trustee from West Midlands Federation – we had a right old WI afternoon today!!

Sunday 30th May
When life gives you lemons….
Ran out of Lemon Curd so decided to knock up another batch this morning.  Dispatched ray to the local Co-op , where he bought eight lemons and was asked just how much gin we have at our house by the somewhat bemused assistant!

Think I am just about ready for the Board meeting on Tuesday…. Feels very strange to be doing this meeting so early. But needs must!

Saturday 29th May
Allotments and the WI…
How lovely to see some members of Henley WI this afternoon, they drove up after seeing the open garden idea on social media …. We had a great time swapping gardening tips! Can’t wait to visit their allotment!  Its such a brilliant idea.

Friday 28th May
More WI visitors today – lovely to have a catch up with old friends!
Also very, very impressed with the number of our individual members who are reading the monthly emails we are sending out  Great news!

Thursday 27th May
First day of opening the garden today.  Its going to be lovely to see friends old and new and have time to chat to them individually over the next few days.

Some  of our first visitors were Sue Myhill and her husband. We managed NOT to talk about the WI for the first four minutes….which I reckon is a real record!

Wednesday 26th May
What an absolutely brilliant talk on Zoom tonight….
Richard Rickitts, Bee keeper extra-ordinaire. He was truly inspirational.  My favourite quote (which I keep telling everyone) was “ A tree is like a meadow in the sky for the bees!”

Tuesday 25th May
Sub- Committee Day
How lovely to be with the Leisure Activities team on Zoom today and to discuss and plan a range of live events for the future.  Everyone was really keen and enthusiastic to ‘get things going!’ So watch this space!

Sunday 23rd May
Ready for next week?
Yes, just sorted out all the paperwork for the Leisure Activities and M&P meetings on Tuesday. Finished my Blog as well.  Really looking forward to the Gardening for Bees talk on Zoom on Wednesday night.  Hope to see you there!

Friday 21st May
What weather……
Got completely rained off today so I made blackcurrant jam with the last of the frozen blackcurrants.

Made a start on the Agenda for the next Board meeting, as it’s a week earlier than usual – on June 1st instead of the 8th as we clashed with the big National WI Annual Meeting. Hope you have all got your tickets – it promises to be a very good one!

Thursday 20th May
National Bee Day and some great news!
I’m a Public Affairs person at heart so couldn’t resist posting my fave Bee photo today for World Bee day.

Absolutely delighted to see that the Leamington Courier featured Julie Thomas for her work with community groups and charities makes me very proud to work with people like Julie.

Wednesday 19th May
Still gardening like mad…
The weather isn’t the best at the moment but I do want the garden to look something like later next week when we open for visitors.  I just love the spring garden.

Tuesday 18th May
Thank you Sarah!
For all your hard work in preparing the Newsletter to email to our members direct and a separate version for those not on email.  Fantastic effort.

Monday 17th May
Officers Meeting
It was lovely to have an Officer’s Chat on Zoom this morning.  We needed to discuss the outline parameters for moving back to large live events.  We have two on the horizon –
Windsor on August 2nd

The Rev Richard Coles on 5th October.

Lots to think about to make sure that we are Covid secure and sound!

Sunday 16th May
Not a WI weekend!
Been busy digging and planting out as we are opening the garden in a couple of weeks time to raise funds for the village church – not one great big day like we usually do but open over a week.  Going to be an interesting time.  Made some cake ready today though!

Friday 14th May
What a treat!
Had a lovely basket of flowers from Grendon WI as a thank you for Wednesday night.  Unexpected but a delightful surprise!

Thursday 13th May
Good Old Zoom!
What a splendid time I had this morning, on-line with the Poetry Group! The theme of the meeting was friendship and the members had found (or written) a fabulous variety of poems around the subject! Brilliant!  Then tonight I Zoomed off to Tredington and Blackwell WI to tell them about my adventures.  It was great to see them all and we had a great chat!

Wednesday 12th May
Gardening for Health – our Zoom tonight was well received I reckon I should be reasonably healthy the amount of gardening I do!   I couldn’t attend as I was talking to the members of Grendon WI about my adventures as a headteacher.  It was lovely to see them and have a chat about all things WI!

Tuesday 11th May
Board today and we are revving up…..
For the future, planning loads of (hopefully) live events.  Split up into teams to share out the workload. Can’t wait!  And the spuds are up in the garden!  Mind you so are the weeds!

Monday 10th May
To Sew or not to  Sew
What an interesting time Mark Francis had as a competitor on The Great British Sewing Bee!  Everyone really enjoyed his talk on Zoom tonight!  Great fun

Sunday 9th May
Just completed my usual WI Sunday jobs!
Ready for the Board meeting on Tuesday?  Nearly…….
Is this Blog sorted?  Just about
Ready for Poetry Morning on Thursday?  Absolutely!
Ready to talk to a couple of WIs this week?  Yep, cant wait!

Saturday 8th May
Rain, rain, go away!
Made some Sourdough bread this morning and spent the afternoon working on various documents ready for the Board meeting on Tuesday.  Thought I might as well use the time on indoor jobs and hope for better weather tomorrow!

Friday 7th May
Federation Fit for the Future
As you know we have been doing some serious thinking about the future of the Federation. My little sub-group, Structure, met with Sue Myhill’s Finance group to pool our ideas this afternoon.  We had all decided that you can’t really talk about either in isolation. It was a really interesting meeting  and I think we are beginning to make some serious headway.  Lots to think about though! Meanwhile my ancient Azealea (the aptly named Sheet of Flame) is coming into full bloom. Isn’t it just marvellous?

Thursday 6th May
A bit of a WI just for me sort of day!

Lots of digging and weeding then Ray said he fancied an Eccles Cake at mid-morning coffee time. Only a WI member would turn round and make some rather than nip to Sainsburys!

It was my own WI Meeting tonight and we had a fascinating talk from  dairy farmer Jane Barnes, producer of milk for Stilton cheese. It was really interesting and informative. Also absolutely great to see all my WI friends.

Wednesday 5th May
Agenda… publishing… and tomatoes!
Spent a while double checking my agenda for the Board meeting next Tuesday morning. Then off down the greenhouse for a bit of tender love and care for my tomato plants.  I was completely made up to find the first one in flower!

Then back to Zooming, as we had a great talk from David Roberts of Hornet Books, full of hints and tips about how to publish and promote your works!   Lots of aspiring Warwickshire Federation authors present who really appreciated the talk!

Tuesday 4th May
Sunshine and rain….
Still can’t get over those fabulous rainbows last night

Dead chuffed at the launch of the Grand day out to Windsor on August 2nd.  As you know I have organised the last couple of GDOs and I am absolutely delighted that this time I have a team to help with the planning – three of our newest trustees, Glyn, Trish and Anita will be doing a great deal of the organisation. Happy days.

Monday 3rd May
What vile weather!
Ray made me laugh this morning. I  asked him what he thought we should do as the weather was so vile (I was thinking we could tidy out the garage or something useful) when he said….. “Well, I expect you’ll be making a Nine Egg Victoria Sandwich ready for the Open Garden…… what a great idea!  Happy days.

Saturday 1st May
Greenhouse time….
Potted up lots of different seeds and plants today. Including Gherkins – I have a fancy for pickling them in the autumn!