Thank you Trustee Heather Howell for this one …

Heather Howell

6 oz Apricot jam
3 large eggs
1 level teaspoon sugar
Few drops vanilla essence
Three quarters pint milk
3 oz plain (dark) chocolate
Half pint Double cream, whipped


Cover the base of a 2-pint soufflé dish with the apricot jam. In a bowl, fork together 2 whole eggs, 1 egg yoke, the sugar and the vanilla essence. Heat, gently but do not boil, the milk and pour on to the egg mixture, stirring. Strain on to the jam and cover the dish with foil. Stand the dish in a roasting tin with water to come halfway up the dish and cook in the oven at 150º (140º fan) for about 1¾ hours, until custard is set. Lift the dish from the tin and leave until quite cold. Whisk the egg white until stiff and fold into the whipped cream, spoon over egg custard and cover with grated or curled chocolate.