What a day that was.

I am sitting in a hotel in Lincoln looking back on the most wonderful day ever. I have forgotten all the angst of getting over 900 WI members onto 18 coaches from 12 different venues all over the county. They all arrived in Lincoln Cathedral in plenty of time for the most fantastic singing of Jerusalem I have ever heard.

When Jeryl, one of our Trustees mooted the idea of taking as many members of the Federation as possible on a day out to somewhere special I can remember thinking- “How hard can it be?…. sounds like a brilliant idea to me!” That will teach me, I ended up as Mrs Mastermind along with Jeryl and Sue. Johnsons our local Coach firm and friends came on board and their work ensured it would be a huge success.

The city of Lincoln would welcome us with open arms- the Tourist Board were incredibly helpful and before I knew where we were the Board of Trustees were packing a thousand goody bags with leaflets, money off vouchers, maps and other goodies. The Cathedral were putting together refreshments to welcome our members and the weather was hot, hot hot!

So back to today. After a hairy start where we were receiving texts and calls confirming numbers, coach departures and changes to our lists of attendees it was all stations go! As we walked to the Cathedral we could see signs saying “Welcome Warwickshire WI members” in shop windows and on in the cathedral precincts. As we double checked that we had all the speeches, guests and seating in place the first members arrived. Huge beaming smiles which said it all! I managed to welcome them personally as a good Chair should but then the trickle became an avalanche!

The welcome by the Dean, the Mayor of Lincoln and The Chair of Lincolnshire Federation was wonderful, and it was a real moment of pride to hear our very own Lynn Stubbings, member of Wishaw WI and National Chair speak to us all.

All too soon this special moment was over, and the members were free to tour the Cathedral and the wonderful city. We all paused at 1.00pm to watch in wonder as the RAF celebrated with us by providing a Flypast. The Hawk was a sight to behold. Loved it.

Jeryl Sue and I celebrated by riding round=d the City on the open topped bus, waving madly to all our friends and members on the way. All too soon it was time to load all of those members back on to their coaches. To our astonishment it all went like clockwork , all homeward bound in under an hour! Well done, Johnsons.

So here we are in our hotel, waiting for the last few phone calls to confirm that everyone has arrived home safely – after a truly GRAND DAY OUT!!